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Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Upgrade Your Seattle-area Outdoor Lighting System to LED Today

There’s no need to feel left out if you have halogen outdoor lighting and wonder why you’re hearing so much about LED outdoor lighting these days. The good news is Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound can upgrade your entire outdoor lighting system, converting your lights to LED. The other good news is you’ll save quite a bit on your electricity bills and improve your carbon footprint once you switch to LED professional Seattle outdoor lighting. More good news: we are happy to retrofit your lighting system to LED regardless of who installed your lights. Don’t assume that already having a halogen outdoor lighting system means you’re stuck with it.

Why Our Customers Prefer LED for Their Professional Seattle Outdoor Lighting

Our clients have shared several reasons they prefer LED outdoor lighting to the halogen lights they had previously. Top of the list is incredible energy savings.

LED Lighting Gives You Roughly 80% Energy Savings!

It’s true! The average energy savings with LED lighting is 80% compared to halogen. What a remarkable difference! Can you hear the sound of your electricity bill dropping with a thud? Then, you gain additional savings with LED because these bulbs last much longer than halogen and incandescent bulbs, approximately 10 times longer. Rarely will we need to change a bulb for you.

LED Lighting Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

By extension, when you use less energy for your outdoor lighting needs, you automatically lower the environmental impact of creating the energy you use. So not only do you save money, you also lower your ecological costs. Then, because LED bulbs are changed less frequently (much less), you are generating less waste. Finally, LED bulbs do not contain any toxic materials, so that’s an ecological nightmare you don’t have to experience again.

LED Professional Seattle Outdoor Lighting is Beautiful!

Today’s LED lighting has a beautiful, warm white color, an improvement over previous LED technology. LED lighting is all we use now in our outdoor lighting and landscape lighting designs, both commercial and residential. Our customers love it!

Why You Should Call Us For LED Even if You Don’t Have a Halogen System to Upgrade

If you haven’t experienced outdoor lighting for yourself, what are you waiting for? If you were waiting for LED technology to improve, that time has come. By waiting, you have bypassed the halogen years and have jumped straight ahead to better times with LED outdoor lighting.

Additional features that have created a demand for LED professional outdoor lighting in the Seattle area:

  • LED outdoor lighting is a great option for the Pacific Northwest because it is functional at any temperature. LED lights and fixtures withstand any weather.
  • If you have heard that LED outdoor lighting fixtures must be discarded once the LED “burns out” or reaches the end of its useful life, that is no longer the case. Now we can simply replace bulbs that are no longer performing.
  • LED lights are available in a broad range of colors.
  • LED lights only shine up or down, so they reduce light pollution compared to previous light sources that scattered light in several directions.

If you’re ready to experience the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives difference, call today! 425-336-3011. We service and retrofit existing outdoor lighting systems, even if they were installed by someone else.

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