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Delightful Decorative Outdoor Lighting Adds Art & Character to Redmond Landscaping

Art and light collide in these decorative outdoor lighting fixtures that will truly make a mark on your landscape lighting design. If you’ve been looking for the ultimate statement piece to add to your landscaping, whether it be a fountain, a sculpture or lighting we’ve got something you’re going to love.

Kirkland Landscape Lighting Lakefront Lights

Decorative lighting fixtures by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound are uniquely carved lights that come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. These lights are beautiful pieces of art in the day light, but the true magic arrives with the setting sun as they transform into designer shadow creating light sculptures that add delightful ambiance to your landscape.

Daytime Art Sculpture

Seattle Garden Sculpture Lighting

When it comes to outdoor lighting, our rule of thumb is to focus on the item we are illuminating, making the light blend in with the landscape. These lights are the exception to the rule. The quality craftsmanship and intricate patterns in these decorative landscape lighting fixtures make them a perfect addition to any landscape, garden or pathway. With their weathered steel finish, these sculptures can withstand the weather and always look good in your landscape during the daytime. With many choices in design, there is sure to be a size, shape and pattern to match your style.

Unique Nighttime Outdoor Lighting

Redmond Decorative Outdoor Lighting

Illuminating your landscape, pathways and home at night doesn’t have to mean hiding a light fixture in the landscape. With decorative landscape lights you can get a two-for with a light that pulls double duty as a focal feature. By choosing decorative lights for your walkway, you gain the light you need and the art you deserve. With many sizes, from 10 feet tall all the way down to 2 feet tall, there are endless applications for these gorgeous outdoor lights. One of our favorites is to create a beacon in the night near your dock for arriving home safely after dark on your boat! Can you think of a perfect use for these decorative lights on your property?

Designer Shadows

Seattle Decorative Outdoor Lighting

Sometimes we find that people get caught up in the lights and don’t realize that beautiful outdoor lighting depends heavily on the darkness created between points of illumination. Dimension, texture and mood are only achieved with proper shadowing. Decorative lights take it to a whole new level with designer shadows that transform your walkway and landscape with artistry and enchantment. The intricate pattern that is crafted into the fixture casts alluring designs on the surrounding area for a magical result.

From oriental inspired clean lines to modern swirly dos and traditional leaves, we have just the right decorative light to transform your Redmond landscaping. Call today for a free consultation. 425-336-3011

For more about decorative lighting check out the attraction lighting website.

Decorative Outdoor Lighting

There are many great uses for decorative landscape lights on your Seattle property.

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