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Important Areas to Consider in Your Landscape Lighting Design

areas to highlight with landscape lightingAdding landscape lighting to your home seems simple enough, doesn’t it? You probably have an area you are thinking about, such as your sidewalk or flower beds, or maybe an outdoor living space. But, to create a professional landscape lighting system, there are many more areas you should consider, for the beauty and for the function.

If you are designing your landscape lighting system, read this first:


One of our most requested lighting techniques is for increased visibility on long driveways. We have many solutions for any type of driveway and will even find new lights to fit your needs!


Sidewalks can be treacherous at night. Illuminate them with path lighting for safety and visibility in navigating around your property at night.

Front Entrance

Create a warm welcome, guiding visitors to your front door with a combination of path lighting and landscape lighting surrounding your main entrance. If your entrance features a porch, or columns, or other unique architectural feature, it should also be illuminated with focal lighting.


Seattle Landscape Lighting DesignWith gorgeous Pacific Northwest landscapes, it can be easy to forget to illuminate your home. Highlight the unique architectural features, the façade, entrance, and highest peaks.

The perimeter of your property

We specifically think about illuminating the back border of your property for safety – as it is often dark. But in reality, illuminating the entire perimeter of your property creates a lovely guide to where your property ends and begins for you and your visitors.

All steps, stairs, or dark paths

Hills, hills and more hills, surrounded by trees, trees, and more trees. Our landscape is stunning, amazing, and worth every hill climbed. But, it requires some smart preparation for safety and that means adding outdoor lights to your dark steps and pathways, no matter where they are on your property.

Favorite trees

Illuminate them to the highest heights and the widest reach, your trees are the anchor to your property. Tree lighting for your landscape adds depth, height, shadows, and intrigue while showing off your favorites!

Dark corners around the side of your home

Seattle Landscape Lighting Design for dark cornersThe spot where you tuck the garbage, compost, and recycling bins? Or the back right corner where there is not a path or a gate? If you have an area around the side of your house that is dark, it can provide a place to hide, add a light for peace of mind.

Flowers, flower beds, and shrubbery

When you think of landscape lighting, it most likely is all about your flowers and shrubbery and for good reason. Definitely highlight your landscape beds with gorgeous LED outdoor lighting.


Attached or detached, your garage is home to one of your most costly possessions – your car. Keep it illuminated for easy access and security. And if your car doesn’t fit, chances are, you use your garage for other prized possessions that could use the same courtesy.

If you are considering landscape lighting, you have to be thinking about the design. Make sure you think about all the areas of your property that are deserving of and need light. Or – leave it to us! As the best Seattle landscape lighting company, we will handle the design, installation, and future maintenance of your entire lighting system. Call now! (425) 336-3011

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