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Where Should I Hang My Market Lighting? Five Exceptional Ideas

professional backyard market lightingMarket lighting is the hottest outdoor lighting trend in Seattle! These gorgeous globe-shaped, LED string lights will transform any space into an instant party. But where can you hang them? Will they fit your property and outdoor space? The answer is YES, and we’ll help you decide exactly where your market lights should go, but in the meantime, enjoy these popular and unique ideas for placement:

1. Over a Fire Feature

Crisscross or fan market lights out over your fire pit or fireplace for a soft glow while you enjoy the warmth of your fire.

2. Above your Deck or Patio

Decks and patios are generally the most utilized space in any backyard. By adding rows of LED market lights over your space, you can have a party any day of the week. And while these lights exude fun, they are soft enough to enjoy quiet moments every day.

3. On Your Pergola

Do you have a pergola you just adore? The gorgeous craftsmanship is a perfect place to add lighting so you can enjoy lounging or dining under your pergola even at night! creative outdoor string lighting ideas

4. Porches

Enjoying the quiet and relaxing lifestyle of porch living is that much better with perfect string lighting. If you enjoy your rocking chair, swing, or sofa under the dry protection of a porch roof — then adding fun and function for nighttime use is a great way to maximize use of your happy place.

5. Anywhere you want!

You don’t need trees or existing structures, we can add support columns almost anywhere you want to create a space! We install the necessary columns and poles, which means we can help you create a new outdoor living space even if you don’t have an obvious place for your lights to be attached! Check out our festive lighting projects portfolio to grab some ideas of what we can do!

Not sure how to crisscross or fan your market lights? Let Seattle’s expert outdoor lighting team custom design and install the best quality permanent outdoor string lights for your property! Our lights LOOK great and will hold up to the elements long-term! Call today to get started (425)336-3011

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