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Professional Year-Round Outdoor Lighting in Seattle

String Lights, Landscape Lights and More, Our Custom Lighting Can Stay Up and Stay On All Year No Matter the Weather

gorgeous snowy string lights on your patioThe weather in Seattle is not particularly harsh or dramatic. However, it is damp, and it can freeze on occasion. If you’re concerned about what this weather can do to your outdoor lighting, you’ll want to call the pros at Outdoor Lighting of Puget Sound.

Our lights can withstand the moisture, ice, and snow. And don’t forget the summer heat. Our top-quality outdoor lights and professional installation will hold up and look great in all the expected and unexpected weather.

Beautiful Snow Sparkles in Stunning Outdoor Lighting

You might dream of adding professional-quality string lights over your deck or patio. But, you hesitate, worried about ice or snow gathering and you don’t want to have to take them down in the winter.

With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, you don’t have to! Our LED string lights are built and installed to handle the weather. We can’t stop a tree branch from crashing down and breaking a line – there are always exceptions — but the average winter weather or summer storm shouldn’t affect a thing.
In fact, we find that utilizing lights originally meant for summer parties, when there is snow or ice creates a magical landscape you’ll never forget. Watching the snow fall while the lights sparkle off the fresh powder makes a rare Seattle snow that much more spectacular.

Year-Round Outdoor Lighting for Enjoying a Little Winter Outdoors

In Seattle, natives don’t carry umbrellas, we throw up our hoods and march on. We don’t let any weather slow us down. So, when winter weather arrives, it is a rare treat we want to get out and enjoy.

With professional landscape lighting, you can relish your favorite outdoor living spaces in a new sparkly winter light. Put a fire in the fire pit, bundle up, and get outside for what is sure to be a memory-making evening in the snow.

Did we Mention Year-Round Safety with Year-Round Outdoor Lighting?

snowy landscape lighting for safetyWinter, in general, can be a hazardous time for safety on your property. With darkness encompassing more than 15 hours of the day, you are sure to be coming or going in the dark quite regularly. Our custom landscape lighting negates the most detrimental weather that could create an additional safety hazard. Rain or fog, lighting can help guide the way! Now add a little winter weather, ice or snow to the mix and suddenly that landscape lighting is even more important for shining a light on those slick spots to increase safety.

If you want to create fun outdoor memories in any weather at any time of the year, you should consider the highest-quality, professional outdoor lighting provided by the team at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound. From design to installation we make sure you get the lights you dream of to provide the function you will wonder how you ever lived without! Call today to get started with a design consultation. 425-336-3011

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