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Set Your New Landscape Design Aglow with the Best Seattle Landscape Lighting Team

Seattle landscape lighting is our expertise, but the service that comes with it is how we make our mark. This dedication to customer care is laid out fully for you with the OLP Difference, but with fall landscape renovations in full swing, we felt it pertinent to share with you the ways in which we make LED landscape lighting installation as easy as possible for you.

We will work with your Seattle landscape design team!

If you’re embarking on new landscaping with a landscape designer or landscape architect, it is a perfect time to add the LED landscape lighting you’ve desired. So, what comes first? Landscape lighting or landscaping itself?


At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, we prefer you include us in the process with your landscape architect from the beginning of the design process. We’ll work in close communication with them to make sure we get your lighting design just right.
Once the landscape design is done and agreed upon, we’ll be able to make a preliminary lighting design.

From that point, we’ll work closely with the landscape crew to schedule landscape lighting installation at just the right time. We can’t put lines in before plants are buried, it could lead to accidental line damage and misplaced fixtures. That being said, if hardscaping is part of your design, we may need to come in early and install the conduit under stonework, within cement blocks, or elsewhere to make lighting installation more precise.

When is landscape lighting installed in relationship to landscape installation?

While lighting design involves precise illumination of foliage and other landscape features, after most elements are in place is better for lighting installation. But because every Seattle landscape design is different, we can’t say exactly when it is the right time to install LED landscape lights for your landscape. We prefer to work with your landscape designer to schedule each step precisely. All of that being said, once your new landscape matures, we can come back and make the required lighting adjustments to keep your system looking fresh with our Annual Maintenance Plan.

Don’t have a landscape designer? We work with some of the best landscapers in the Greater Seattle area. If you know you want LED landscape lighting and a new landscape design, give us a call, we’d be happy to refer you. (425) 336-3011

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