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Upgrade Your Seattle Area Outdoor Lighting System to LED

LED outdoor lighting is a no-brainer and the most sought after outdoor lighting product. The difference in energy use between LED & halogen is remarkable. Saving you green while allowing you to keep your carbon footprint low. Just because you already have a halogen outdoor lighting system doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it. We can retrofit your outdoor lighting system to LED to meet new standards of low-voltage outdoor lighting.

If you’re looking for a low effort way to be greener in 2016, upgrading your Seattle outdoor lighting system to LED is the way to go. The first day your retro-fitted system is running, you’ll be saving energy and saving money. A 3 Watt LED can replace a 20 Watt halogen bulb for the same lighting effect. That is a 17 Watt savings per light! In the case of an average 15 light system, you’re saving 255 Watts. That is a savings of 85%! No matter what the wattage, it is quite typical with today’s LED outdoor lighting to get an 85% savings.

With all the energy & cost savings of LED outdoor lighting being evident, there are often some hesitations based on knowledge of old LED technology. The color of the light is always the first question. While you may think of LED as having a harsh bluish hue, the latest in LED technology has made LED a lovely warm natural white light. Our LED outdoor lighting fixtures are the best on the market offering a consistent color and gorgeous effect.

You may do the math with your electric bill in hand and think LED outdoor lighting is a good cost savings and certainly a good choice for the environment. But what you can’t see in the data is the long-term savings of time and money with our LED light bulbs lasting 10x longer than halogen. You’ll rarely have to change a bulb. Furthering the benefits on the environment (landfill space & light bulb manufacturing impacts), your wallet (more greenbacks) and your lifestyle (more time for fun).

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