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Create a Warm Welcome & A Guiding Light for Nighttime Guests with Seattle Driveway Lighting

Concrete, pavers, bricks, gravel, curved, steep, flat, long and short, Seattle driveways are as varied as the people of Seattle. Unlike the amazing people of Seattle, some of these driveways can cause a navigational nightmare. With a curve in just the right spot and a bit of foggy drizzle, you or your nighttime guests can slip, back off of or miss your driveway entirely causing damage to your vehicle and landscape. End the guessing game, create a warm invitation and make your guests feel safe with LED driveway lighting.

A Guiding Light

Tail lights and reverse lights don’t exactly provide a lot of light for navigation when backing out of a driveway. Add to that a bit of Seattle mist or fog and you’ve got a perfect recipe for adding ruts to your lawn and landscape. With LED driveway lighting we can eliminate the guesswork and provide a guiding light along your driveway. Like an airport runway, you & your guests will easily back out with safety and ease in any weather.

A Friendly Welcome in the Night

An additional benefit of driveway lighting is the warm welcome your guests will feel upon arriving after dark. Whether we create the runway effect with lights lining your driveway or we add moonlighting from a tree above to cast a gentle wash over your entire driveway, your guests will find your home with safety and ease. The loving and welcome feel you create for them is enough to make someone’s day. As Maya Angelou said, “…people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Keeping the Peace

With steep hills and lush foliage, staying on your driveway when arriving or leaving can be tricky. With a slight miscalculation, you may never hear the end of it from your exasperated spouse who is responsible for repairing the landscape. Keep the marital peace with driveway lighting. Not only will it provide nighttime guidance, it looks gorgeous too!

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