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Complimentary Outdoor Lighting Night Demonstration in Seattle

Completing your outdoor living space with outdoor lights for your Redmond area home is an artistic endeavor that should not be taken lightly. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound it is important to us that we work together on lighting your home, deck, patio or landscape just right. With our design expertise and your input on how you will be using your space we can create the perfect outdoor lighting system for you.

Night Demonstration

Our lighting experts will come to your home during the day and walk the property with you to get ideas of how you use your outdoor living spaces. While we listen we will take notice of opportunities for different lighting techniques that will meet your needs. When we leave your home we’ll come back to the office and design your custom outdoor lighting system to the specifications and goals you mentioned.

Would you by a car without a test drive?

Our outdoor lighting technicians will then schedule a convenient time to come back to your home shortly before dusk. We’ll set up our temporary lighting to agreed upon design specifications before the sun goes down. That’s when the magic happens. As the sun sets we will invite you back outside to see the results. Seeing is believing when it comes to a night time outdoor lighting demonstration.

Seeing your gorgeous fir tree with an uplight shining to show off its great height will transform your life. The first time you view your Kirkland patio gently illuminated with path lights around it you won’t believe your eyes. And when you see an uplight providing a nice wide wash across your stone retaining wall you will never believe how utterly beautiful that wall is in the gentle light of the night.

On-the-spot Outdoor Lighting Design Adjustments

With you by our sides we will view each light placement and evaluate areas for change. You might decide a dark corner you didn’t think you wanted highlighted needs an additional fixture. We can move one of the lights on the spot and let you see if your hunch is right. We may place a light or two that was not originally planned – as designers seeing the lights in your landscape at dusk will open our creativity as we see new opportunities. We may also discover that a light or two that was planned are really not necessary. With the flexibility of our night time demonstration you get to interact with the lighting system first hand to make sure you love what you see and all of your needs are being met before installation.

If you love what you see, when we leave your home after a free night time demonstration we will have an exact plan in place and an appointment for installation on the schedule. If you aren’t sure or don’t like what you see we will adjust the lights until you do love it or we’ll leave quietly and let you consider your options further. We are committed to customer satisfaction and will never push you into making on the spot decisions.

Don’t spend another evening inside because you don’t have outdoor lighting. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound we strive to delight each of our customers with the highest quality outdoor lighting design, installation and ongoing service. Call or email us today at 425-336-3011 or [email protected] for a free night time demonstration.

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