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What’s 400,000 Time Heavier Than a Sierra Redwood Tree and Was Saved by LED Lighting?

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, we are big believers in being good stewards of the environment. For this reason, we only install LED outdoor lighting. It uses 80% less energy than Halogen and the lamps last for years and years before needing replacing. Best of all, it looks as good or better because it doesn’t change color as it ages or begins to burn out.

Carbon Emissions Reduced by Half a Billion Tons

We’ve informed you in the past about how you can lower your carbon emissions by using LED outdoor lighting, but nothing speaks louder than real measured data!

According to a recent report by analyst firm IHS Markit, in 2017, LED lighting usage reduced carbon dioxide emissions by an estimated 570 million tons. Yes, you read that right, over half a billion tons!
That number is so large; it is hard to fathom. So, we offer a few comparisons:

  • 400,000 times heavier than a Sierra Redwood Tree.
  • 50,000 times heavier than the Eiffel Tower.
  • 90 times heavier than the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Additional environmental benefits of LED not measured in this study are the pollution and emissions saved by cutting the production, shipping, and sales of traditional bulbs, as LED bulbs last 10x longer leading to lower production volume.

That’s half a billion tons of gas, not in our atmosphere that would have been if incandescents or fluorescents were used instead. In just one year, we have saved half a billion tons of CO2 emissions, imagine what our continued work to retrofit outdoor lighting system could do in the next year, five years, and ten years.

We urge you to call us today to upgrade your Seattle outdoor lighting system to LED for energy and cost savings that are priceless. Call 425-336-3011 or email pugetsound@outdoorlights.com for a custom quote on your LED outdoor lighting retrofit.

How Does Seattle LED Landscape Lighting Handle the Snow?

It has been an unusually snowy winter already here in the greater Seattle area with some areas already receiving multiple snowfalls and we could see more before spring arrives. We sometimes hear from clients when the weather is unusually cold or snowy as they are curious about how their LED landscape lighting will hold up in the wintery weather. We’re pleased to tell you our landscape lights hold up wonderfully in the snowy weather and the beautiful powder is one of the best reasons to have our professional-grade Seattle landscape lighting.

Snowy Bellevue Landscape Lighting – December 2017

Dazzling Snowy Nights

One of our favorite times to enjoy beautifully-designed landscape lighting is during snowy weather. As the sun sets over the snowy landscape, the LED landscape lights reflect off dazzling glittery landscapes to eliminate the winter darkness and replace it with a magnificent scene.

With snow being a rare treat in Seattle and temperatures rarely being too cold to enjoy it, bundle up, grab a cup of coffee and take a leisurely stroll around your property to enjoy the beauty. Or clean the snow off your patio furniture, and turn on your outdoor fireplace or fire pit for a snowy evening in your favorite outdoor space.

Stunning Patio Lighting on Outdoor Fireplace in Bellevue – December 2017

Safe Navigation in the Snow

Not only a joy to behold, path lighting and landscape lighting creates much-needed washes of lights along walkways and stairs for safe navigation during slippery winter conditions. With potential ice, it is important to see each and every step you take across your Seattle landscape after dark.

Brilliant Lighting Shines Through Snow

Our lights typically shine right through the little bit of snow we get. But, if we ever do get more than a few inches at a time, you can simply take a broom and brush some of the snow off to allow your lights to shine at full capacity right away.

Bellevue Exterior Home Lighting – December 2017

While we often talk about the lush vegetation and the glorious Seattle summer nights, we don’t often get to relish a gorgeous snowy landscape. We encourage you to make every moment of every type of weather we are so lucky to enjoy here in the greater Seattle area, by adding landscape lighting to your walkways, landscapes, and outdoor living spaces. Call today for a complimentary design consultation and quote. (425) 336-3011


Bellevue Garden Lighting for a Wonderful Winter Landscape

Bellevue gardens are a pleasure to behold all year long. Spring brings rhodie blooms to relish, summer has lush green foliage and bright blossoms aplenty, and fall is all about the leaves changing, but your winter garden has plenty to enjoy too! From new found beauty in deciduous trees freed of their leaves for the winter, lush evergreen shrubs, hardscapes, and garden accessories, you can enjoy a transformed winter garden during long nights with Bellevue garden lighting.

Bellevue Garden Lighting for Trees

Intricate patterns of strong, majestic branches are enjoyed in your deciduous trees during the winter months. While trees are typically loved most for their greenery, there is just something fascinating about the mysterious magical way a tree grows and supports itself. This beauty can be best enjoyed in winter with tree lighting due to the early winter sunsets. Bellevue tree lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound will highlight your trees beauty with our without its greenery for year-round delight.

Evergreens Should Be Seen

From evergreen shrubs to evergreen trees, Bellevue enjoys a lush landscape all-year long. While spring may bring your rhododendrons to life, during winter, their deep green leaves provide dense winter foliage to your landscape. But the real magic is in our trees. From Firs to Pines and Hemlocks, we enjoy more green trees in the winter than most of the country. From our landscape lights to our focal lights, we’ll highlight all of your winter greenery with the best-LED garden lighting available.

Hardscapes & Garden Accessories

Every Bellevue garden is one-of-a-kind. From the size, placement, and the plants you choose to the personality you exude with accessories and hardscapes, your garden is distinctly yours. With that, we’ll create a custom garden lighting plan that fits your exact needs for a gorgeous garden in winter and every season. You’re favorite statue, fountain, flag, or structure will be visible for nighttime enjoyment. Your hardscapes will have subtle ambient illumination for visibility and function. No matter what your Bellevue garden features, we’ll make it shine!

If you’re interested in Bellevue garden lighting to create a gorgeous year-round landscape, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound today. We offer complimentary design consultations and a nighttime demonstration. 425-336-3011


Seattle Landscape Lighting: Choosing the Perfect Features to Illuminate

Part of the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives difference is our focus on you and your exact Seattle landscape lighting needs and desires. To properly begin designing a custom landscape lighting system, we first need to know what items on your property are going to be featured. Through focal lighting, we can make sure your favorite landscape accessories such as sculptures, fountains, decorative trees, and water features get the attention they deserve. Do you have a pergola, arbor, or trellis featuring gorgeous climbing vines or an award-winning rhododendron? Any feature on your property can be one of the several focal points for your entire lighting system. Now, you just have to choose! We have a few ideas to spark your imagination and result in a gorgeous subtle aesthetic:

Unique Outdoor Elements

The Pacific Northwest is a glorious place to live, mostly because of the broad array of people who have varying interests, lifestyles, artistries, and eccentrics. Each house becomes a home in Seattle thanks to the person or family living there who make their mark on the property inside and out. Unique outdoor elements such as an antique carriage wheel, a prized Palm tree (yes, Palms can grow here), a fountain passed down from your Grandmother, an Asian inspired Pagoda, or stone pillars lining your driveway are unique ways in which you express your personality. Allow us to focus your Seattle outdoor lighting on these favorite features so you can enjoy them at night.

Functional Elements for Navigation

There are many ways lighting can help you, and your guests navigate to your home and around your property at night. Choose the right focal elements to maximize ease of navigation. Is your home hidden in the woods? Illuminate the address sign at the road to help your guests find you at night. Do you live in a neighborhood where many houses look similar? Add a unique element near the curb and illuminate it with landscape lighting. “I’m half-way down the block, on the left, with the Seattle Seahawks banner illuminated by the curb.” Add path lighting near rocks, steps, or obstacles to make it easy and safe to get around your property at night. Imagine a gorgeous line of path lights leading from your home to a hidden garden, gazebo, or other outdoor living space that might not be attached to your home.

Majestic or Ornamental Trees Abound

Trees are a favorite outdoor lighting focus in Seattle. So much so that we devote an entire tree lighting page to them! But we would be remiss not to mention them in regards to choosing your landscape lighting focal features. Our best advice is to choose your favorite trees first and build your system from there. Whether it is a tall, towering Fir or a brand new baby Japanese Maple, we have the perfect solution to highlight your trees for nighttime enjoyment.

At Outdoor Lighting of Puget Sound, we strive to delight each of our customers with the highest quality, custom landscape lighting design, installation and ongoing service. For a free consultation or to learn more call today at 425-336-3011.

Seattle Landscape Lighting Provides Visibility and Safety for Your Pets

My goodness, it sure is getting dark early out there!
Like you, we arrive home from work in the dark every day during the winter months. When the days first get shorter, it can be startling to have it be dark already as we still need to walk the dog. It becomes tempting just to stay indoors where it is cozy and warm. Don’t let the darkness envelop you and interrupt your routine after work. Your dog has been stuck inside all day and deserves to get out! Add Seattle landscape lighting to your home to guide the way and keep your fur baby happy and healthy.

Landscape Lighting for Pet Owners

Having a fenced yard is great for dog owners. You can let your dog out, and he/she can run around and play for exercise and enjoyment. But when you get home after dark each day, it might cause you great anxiety to not be able to see your pet as he or she wanders around and explores your yard at night. You may also have trouble playing fetch or Frisbee because the visibility is so low. With the addition of landscape lighting, you can add just the right amount of light to give you peace-of-mind when your dog is outside and enough visibility for evening playtime.

Path Lighting for Evening Walks

If your dog requires a walk each evening, you could be facing a great deal of hazardous conditions around your home in the dark of a winter evening. Whether it is a dark pathway leading to the sidewalk or a dark walking trail on your property, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound can help. With path lighting and landscape lighting around your yard, leading to and from where you walk your dog, you can enjoy sure-footing and more security for evening walks with man’s best friend.

If your property could use more illumination for the safety and health of your beloved pets, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound today. (425) 336-3011 We offer top-quality custom landscape lighting design, installation, and service – serving all of the greater Seattle area.

Seattle LED Outdoor Lighting for Holiday Festivities

Now that the fall weather has truly set in and Halloween has passed, you may have your sights set on holiday plans. With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to prepare your home for hosting feasts and parties. While you may be thinking mostly about your home’s interior with decorations and small projects, don’t neglect your home’s exterior. Creating a warm welcome for your guests starting at the curb is a perfect way to set the tone for a loving holiday with family and friends. What better way to accomplish this warm welcome than with LED outdoor lighting for these long winter nights.

A Glowing Invitation

With Seattle outdoor lighting we can create a glowing warm welcome for your holiday guests. With nightfall filling many more hours than daylight during the holiday season, well-designed lighting for your home’s exterior is a perfect way to greet your guests. As they arrive to the lovely glow of path lighting, landscape lighting, and architectural lighting, the tone is set for a joyful occasion. While you set the tone for the evening, you also allow your guests to see the magnificence that is your home and landscape; a hard-earned accomplishment your out-of-town guests will be eager to congratulate you on.

Safeguard Your Cherished Guests

Did you just experience the displeasure of worrying about the trick-or-treaters at Halloween falling on the steep hillside concrete stairs leading to your home’s front door? Dark, steep stairs from the sidewalk to the front door are a common feature among Seattle’s hillside homes. Without proper lighting, you could be looking at a liability if someone trips. But even worse, you could be putting your loved ones in harm’s way. If you have meant to add Seattle outdoor stair lighting for better safety at night, before your holiday guests arrive is the time to get it done.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, we create dazzling Seattle outdoor lighting systems to bring your home and landscape to life after dark. With the added benefit of safety, you can’t go wrong with an investment in an LED outdoor lighting system before the holidays. Call today to schedule your complimentary nighttime demonstration. (425) 336-3011

Long-Lasting LED Outdoor Lighting Seattle

It’s no secret the LED outdoor lighting is the way to go. In Seattle, part of our cost of having extremely long summer days is the extremely long winter nights. To counteract the higher energy use in the winter months, most Seattle outdoor lighting is LED now. In fact, at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, LED is all we do. We have even spent a great deal of time upgrading Halogen lighting systems with an LED outdoor lighting retrofit for 80% lower energy use. But did you know there are additional environmental and cost-savings benefits of our LED outdoor lighting?

Long-Lasting LED Outdoor Lighting Lamps

When our top-quality LED lamps are used in our top-notch, well-maintained outdoor lighting systems, we are able to maximize bulb life. With LED outdoor light bulbs lasting for as many as 40,000-50,000 hours before needing replacing, you’ll enjoy proper illumination for years before you need a new bulb. In fact, if your light is on for 8 hours every single day, you will enjoy great looking light for 14 years before needing a replacement. Saving you 80% on energy but also on bulb replacement as you will only be replacing one bulb for every 10 you would replace in a Halogen system.

Our long-lasting LED lights mean fewer bulbs in landfills, fewer bulbs in production, and they are non-toxic for even further care to the environment.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, we care first and foremost about our clients and the quality of the service and lighting systems we provide them. Through this work, we maintain the integrity of our own goals for being good stewards of the Earth and hope we can help you live a green life that doesn’t have to sacrifice the enjoyment of everyday outdoor living at home. If you’re interested in Seattle LED outdoor lighting or an LED outdoor lighting upgrade, give us a call today! (425) 336-3011

Set Your New Landscape Design Aglow with the Best Seattle Landscape Lighting Team

Seattle landscape lighting is our expertise, but the service that comes with it is how we make our mark. This dedication to customer care is laid out fully for you with the OLP Difference, but with fall landscape renovations in full swing, we felt it pertinent to share with you the ways in which we make LED landscape lighting installation as easy as possible for you.

We will work with your Seattle landscape design team!

If you’re embarking on new landscaping with a landscape designer or landscape architect, it is a perfect time to add the LED landscape lighting you’ve desired. So, what comes first? Landscape lighting or landscaping itself?


At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, we prefer you include us in the process with your landscape architect from the beginning of the design process. We’ll work in close communication with them to make sure we get your lighting design just right.
Once the landscape design is done and agreed upon, we’ll be able to make a preliminary lighting design.

From that point, we’ll work closely with the landscape crew to schedule landscape lighting installation at just the right time. We can’t put lines in before plants are buried, it could lead to accidental line damage and misplaced fixtures. That being said, if hardscaping is part of your design, we may need to come in early and install the conduit under stonework, within cement blocks, or elsewhere to make lighting installation more precise.

When is landscape lighting installed in relationship to landscape installation?

While lighting design involves precise illumination of foliage and other landscape features, after most elements are in place is better for lighting installation. But because every Seattle landscape design is different, we can’t say exactly when it is the right time to install LED landscape lights for your landscape. We prefer to work with your landscape designer to schedule each step precisely. All of that being said, once your new landscape matures, we can come back and make the required lighting adjustments to keep your system looking fresh with our Annual Maintenance Plan.

Don’t have a landscape designer? We work with some of the best landscapers in the Greater Seattle area. If you know you want LED landscape lighting and a new landscape design, give us a call, we’d be happy to refer you. (425) 336-3011

Why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound is Your Best Choice of Seattle Landscape Lighting Companies

Choosing a professional landscape lighting company to trust with your Seattle landscape lighting design, installation, and service can be a challenge. While it is not all that important to us that you know we are the best, it is vital to our mission as a business to be the best. We don’t want to be the best at being the lowest price, or selling the most number of lights; we want to be the best in the eyes of those who we serve. Your experience working with us, and the results seen in your lighting are where we focus.

Below are some of the differences you can expect if you choose to work with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound.

Top-Quality LED Landscape Lights with Exclusive Custom Options

When you choose a professional to install your outdoor lighting, you are choosing high-quality, professional-grade LED landscape lights. Made from copper or brass, with a lifetime warranty, you should expect nothing but the best from your investment. The difference between us and our competition is in our direct and close relationship with our manufacturer. With over 150,000 installations, our manufacturer has a direct line of communication to the field to adjust lights to be better than the best. Because of this exclusive relationship we never use aluminum, powder-coated fixtures that will chip, fade, or peel. Because of this, we have access to custom copper and brass fixtures that work perfectly for your property. These custom fixtures can be one-of-a-kind for you, or they can become part of the product line if there is a common use for them.

Meticulous and Expert Seattle Landscape Lighting Installation

With over 20 years’ worth of business behind us as a national outdoor lighting franchise, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives brings a great deal of experience to the field. Across our pool of expert leaders, we have decades of experience in landscape lighting manufacturing, landscape lighting design, installation, and service. Each of our locations features expert designers and technicians who have had hands-on, in-depth in-the-field training, so they know the fixtures and follow all the best practices for landscape lighting installation. Did we mention our best-practices are field-tested and continuously updated?

Our unique network of technicians, owners, and designers across the country bring additional years of experience to the table. With our support of one-another, any individual challenges or unique property needs are discussed and worked on together for a custom solution that is the right solution every time. We even go so far as to send crews across the country to help each other out if a large commercial landscape lighting job requires it. If your property has unique lighting challenges, you can be sure our experts can solve them.

We Will Be Here: Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Landscape lighting goes well beyond the initial installation. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we provide maintenance plans and will always call you back promptly. If there is a mishap with your system, or something just doesn’t quite look right, we are always happy to come out. We will be here to serve you now and in the future.

You can rest easy when you choose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget sound for your Seattle landscape lighting needs. We are locally owned and operated, but offer the security and backing of a national organization that allows for the thorough expertise, best practices, and customer support for the best landscape lighting services available. Call today for a free custom nighttime demonstration at your home. 425-336-3011

Redmond Landscape Lighting Drives Back the Darkness of the Surrounding Forest at this English Hill Home

Trees are a favorite focal feature in Redmond landscape lighting design. Easily our most frequently requested focus, trees such as the majestic Cedar and Fir create a distinct landscape in our area. Interestingly enough, these towering majestic beauties can actually be a source of darkness, requiring landscape lighting for visibility and a welcoming feeling to your home and yard. No one knows this better than this English Hill homeowner, whose property is lined with Firs and Cedars, and even backs up to a green belt with further shelter provided by a lush forest.

Bringing Back the Light in Redmond

This large lush Redmond yard was previously illuminated with an outdoor lighting system from many years ago. The homeowner called because the system had not worked for some time, she loved the lighting back when it worked and was “tired of living in the dark forest.” To create the magic of outdoor lighting again, our team replaced the entire old broken system with our top-quality, energy-efficient, LED landscape lighting. We took the time and care to install long wire runs to illuminate and define the farthest reaches of her property. With such a large lot, it is key to use the proper number of lights, in this case, forty-one, to reach the edges of the manicured yard for safety and security.

Nestled in a lovely setting of towering Fir and Cedar trees, this home was begging for some serious tree lighting. We highlighted the height of many of the large trees that border the front property line while also using focal lights on some smaller trees lining the driveway. We placed special focus on the Magnolia tree between the driveway and the front door, and also illuminated the address sign to help visitors find their destination.

A Ray of Light in a Dark Forest

The large property gains additional privacy along the back as it borders a dense forest. The lush forest adds extra darkness after sunset as little light from outside of the property can get through. The goal in the backyard was to increase safety and security with nighttime visibility while recreating the magic of outdoor lighting the homeowner previously enjoyed.

Starting along the perimeter, we silhouetted several super large trees to give depth and showcase the beauty of the Cedars and Firs. We then used Redmond path lighting to illuminate the winding, natural, flagstone path leading through the intricate landscape design. Landscape lighting, stone lighting, and water feature lighting were strategically installed to illuminate the beloved water feature and the surrounding ornamental trees. With a focal light on the nearby Japanese Maple, every favored aspect of this private natural retreat is enjoyable at night as well as during the day.

For years this homeowner’s daughter expressed to her how dark and uninviting the yard was at night, and now, with our help, she can’t wait for her daughter to see the magical results. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, our goal is to meet your goals and expectations with guidance from our expert team. No two landscapes are the same, nor should there be two LED landscape lighting designs the same. If you’re ready to add Redmond landscape lighting to your home, big, small, forested, or not, call us today to schedule a design consultation. 425-336-3011 We look forward to letting your beautiful home and property shine as well at night as it does during the day.

Edmonds Landscape Lighting and Café Lighting Create a Stunning Nighttime Entertaining Space

Many Seattle area homes feature cozy backyards with lush landscaping and lovely outdoor entertaining areas. This Edmonds backyard fits the bill, with its beautiful pergola, flagstone patio, and meticulous landscaping. And that is just the backyard. With tidy landscaping in the front, featuring a towering ancient pine tree, we were given the perfect canvas for an exquisite Edmonds landscape lighting design.

The homeowners really wanted to highlight their meticulous landscaping in the front and backyards, but also transform their classic pergola with elegant lighting for night time, outdoor entertaining. With 10 path lights, 10 up-lights, and custom low-voltage café lighting, we got to work.

Edmonds Curb Appeal

Starting with the stunning showstopper in the front yard, we used three up-lights to illuminate the unique old pine tree for a 360-degree view. With interesting growth patterns and its towering majesty, this large old tree will maintain its status as the focal point, at night as well as during the day. With tree lighting on each of the smaller trees lining the driveway, and classic path lighting in the landscaping around the front, the curb appeal these homeowners achieve during the day, can now be enjoyed at night.

Edmonds Landscape Lighting

Creating a lovely landscape lighting design in this Edmonds backyard was truly our pleasure. With trees, shrubs, a pergola, and stone landscaping just begging for light, we were given a wonderful opportunity. With strategically placed tree lighting, we were able to not only highlight the trees but also gain a lovely wash of light on the privacy fence. With path lighting to highlight the smaller vegetation and a focal light on the beloved Japanese Maple tree, this tidy landscape comes alive at night.

Edmonds Outdoor Entertaining Under the Lights

The true showstopper in the backyard is the charming wood pergola. With commercial low-voltage café lights, we were able to simultaneously create a true outdoor living and entertaining space while highlighting the gorgeous craftsmanship of the pergola and the flagstone patio below. Our café lights can withstand year-round weather elements but were all custom strung and wired with connectors allowing for easy removal for storage or replacement at any time. Café lights are a great choice for decks and patio to provide an instant party feeling, while still being subtle enough to enjoy a quiet evening of relaxation.

Transforming this lush backyard with custom Edmonds landscape lighting was a dream project for our outdoor lighting team. With beautiful trees, meticulous landscaping, and a stunning pergola, we enjoyed highlighting all the features for nighttime enjoyment. If you’re ready to transform your Edmonds or Seattle area property, call the experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound today (425) 336-3011

Colored Lenses Create Year-Round Magic for your Seattle Outdoor Lights

Do you enjoy decorating for all of the big holidays? Halloween, Valentines, Christmas, Thanksgiving? When you throw a party, do you love preparing themes or covering your home in blue, silver, and green for the big Seahawks game? Or better yet, purple and gold for the Huskies?

Decorating for parties and holidays can be a huge task. Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound set you up for easy outdoor decorating. With our colored lenses for your outdoor lights, you can change the colors for the seasons, the holiday, or today’s big game. Huskies purple and gold on Saturday can easily be changed to green and blue for the Sunday Seahawks game. No matter what you choose, your colored outdoor lights are sure to let your guests know where the party is.

Holiday Outdoor Colored Lens Ideas

Orange and black for Halloween can quickly be swapped out for an amber and green Thanksgiving theme. If you want to be festive for Christmas without the hassle, swap your colored lenses with green and red in December, and call it a day. If you’re Jewish, blue is perfect for Hanukkah, and we love going simple for the New Year with white. Combine colored filters in your well lights to meet special occasion décor needs all year long.

Support Your Favorite Charity, Cause or Make a Political Statement

Colored lenses are great for a multitude of non-holiday uses. Pink for breast cancer awareness in October, blue to support your local police, green to support the veterans. No matter what your favorite cause, there is sure to be a color you can use to show your support. Go full patriotic during the summer with red, white and blue! The choice is yours.

Colored Well Lights for Special Events

Are you throwing a baby shower or other special event at your home? Maybe a backyard wedding. Colored lenses are a perfect way to decorate your home. Pink and blue for a baby shower, white for the backyard wedding, or your local High School colors for this year’s graduate.

Don’t have well lights? That’s okay. We have colored lenses for your uplighting too. Slightly more challenging to change out, we’re happy to offer that service to you which still results in a cost-effective, hassle-free way to change the décor at your home for holidays and events.

With so many ways to use colored lenses for outdoor lighting, the limits are only within your imagination. Call today to learn more about our custom LED outdoor lighting packages and colored lenses. (425) 336-3011

Subtle Safety & Security is Easy with Seattle LED Outdoor Lighting

Are you looking to add a bit more safety and security at your Seattle home without a big iron gate, large security camera or other obtrusive security features? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound is happy to help add subtle but effective safety and security with the use of LED outdoor lighting. With gorgeous outdoor home lights and landscape lights, we can make your home safer for navigation and less attractive to home intruders without over-the-top techniques that make your home feel like Fort Knox.

Seattle LED Safety Lighting

Stunning Seattle landscape lights will wash lovely lighting across your paths and walkways to make nighttime navigation around your property safe. With subtle lighting, you’ll be able to see every step for sure footing without harsh glares (from the lights or your neighbors). We’ll work closely with you to make sure your landscape lighting covers all of the most treacherous areas of your yard while choosing beautiful natural elements to highlight.

Seattle LED Security Lighting

By eliminating dark spots in all of the most strategic places, near windows, side doors, and alleyways, we can deter home intruders from even considering your home a target. Our lighting is not bright alarming flood lighting, but just enough to keep the shadows away from could-be entrances. The lighting will be used to highlight the beauty of your home’s architectural features, creating beautiful nighttime curb appeal while simultaneously lowering the risk of nighttime break-ins. We can even use timers to produce the appearance of a home that is occupied when you are away on business or vacation.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound today to learn more about beautiful and subtle safety and security lighting for your Seattle home. 425-336-3011

Why Should I Have Cafe Lights Professionally Installed When I Can Buy and Hang Cafe Lighting Myself?

Cafe lights, market lights, string lights, festive lights, bistro lights, or festoon lights – whatever you call these fun lights, they are very popular in Seattle and across the country. They add a bit of sophisticated fun and flavor to whatever space they illuminate. Market lights popularize restaurant outdoor dining areas and create a fun atmosphere in backyards everywhere. When creating an outdoor space with a touch of chic nostalgia – nothing does it better than market lights.

So, why would anyone have these lights professionally installed when they are so readily available and hung like Christmas lights? At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, we offer four really very good reasons you should have your market lights professionally designed and installed.

4. Quality. The superiority of the lights themselves. Our LED market lights will outlast anything at the big box store, can withstand the year-round weather elements, and offer an even consistent light color with each bulb.
3. Warranty. Our quality is so good we put our money where our mouth is with a five-year warranty. Our five-year warranty means we’ll come out and replace bulbs if they break and fix lines if they snap for a full five years after installation. Your big-box market lights won’t even last five years. With the number of times you’ll have to buy new ones, and the amount of time you’ll spend re-hanging them, this professional upgrade will pay for itself.
2. Design. Our outdoor lighting design experts have an eye for bringing out the best in every outdoor space. They will be able to show you the exact amount of market lights that are right for your space, where the market lights should hang, and how they should be hung for an outdoor lighting design that will be worthy of a home and gardens magazine spread.
1. Installation. Adding posts, digging holes, climbing ladders, wiring transformers, hanging lights (straight without sagging), creating a visual outdoor lighting masterpiece, and more. Installing market lights to perform and look fantastic is not quite as easy as it looks. Have you ever hung Christmas lights and wondered why it didn’t look as good as on TV? The same can happen with market lights. Not only will our installation look better, but it will also be permanent, and you won’t have to do the work yourself.

BONUS – Safety: Our cafe lights are low-voltage. What does that mean for cafe lights? Safety. These lights are not hot and use very little energy to run.

Before you snag a box of inexpensive market lights off the shelf at your local store, consider the time and effort you are committing. A small investment now will save you time (your most valuable commodity) and the hassle of hanging the lights, getting them just right, and dealing with the inevitable failure of the lesser quality lights (more time) down the road. Call today (425) 336-3011 to get the best professional Seattle outdoor market lighting available.

Outdoor Living Dreams Become a Reality with Seattle Landscape Lighting

Have you created a gorgeous backyard for increased outdoor living? With big plans to spend more time outside, a natural first step is to create a gorgeous deck or patio decked out with all of the must-have accessories. From outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, porches, and pergolas, Seattleites go all-out when it comes to their outdoor living spaces. But are you making good use of your new space?

It is much more common than you’d think to build a great new outdoor entertaining area and find yourself not using it. Why? Life is busy. When you’re done working each day, it may already be dark. Add caravanning the kids around town, and it most certainly is dark by the time you are free to enjoy the space. We have the solution you need!

Seattle Landscape Lighting for Outdoor Living

Seattle landscape lighting is vital for your outdoor living space. While we enjoy very late sunsets in the summer, we pay for them with very early sunsets in the winter. With the addition of outdoor lighting to your backyard, you’ll find the space much more enticing after a long day at work. After all, who wants to cook dinner, relax, or entertain friends in the dark?

Enjoy the design inspiration below, and give us a call to schedule a design consultation: 425-336-3011

Seattle hardscape lighting

Seattle deck lighting

Seattle patio lighting

Seattle landscape lighting

May is Deck Safety Month: Is Your Seattle Deck Safe?

Accentuating your outdoor living experience is a joy and pleasure. We take great pride in beautifying your decks, patios, porches and home for increased enjoyment at night. An added benefit of Seattle landscape lighting is the improved safety you gain from increased visibility. In honor of deck safety month, we remind you of all the ways our deck lighting can increase the safety on your deck for safe navigation and lowered risk for slips, falls, trips, and stumbles.

Stair & Railing Lights

For safe navigation to and from the deck.

Privacy Wall Lighting

A lovely ambient light.

Perimeter Lighting

Easy visibility of where the deck ends and begins.

Moon Lighting

For a wash of lighting across the whole deck from above.

Festive Market Lighting

Keep that party feeling all year long.

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound today to add deck lighting to your favorite outdoor living space. We look forward to hearing from you. (425) 336-3011

In addition to lighting, deck safety month is about ensuring your deck is also structurally sound. We recommend following our sister brand’s advice on deck safety by having your aging deck inspected for structural concerns. Learn more at Archadeck of Seattle Eastside.

The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Difference

Seattle outdoor lighting installation is more than just popping a few lights in the ground. With professional design and top quality fixtures, your home and landscape will shine with brilliance for years to come. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, we don’t stop at design and quality. When you work with us, you’ll experience the OLP difference from the first call through installation and for all of your future maintenance needs. Outdoor lighting is all we do, so we’ll be here for you now and always.

Personal Landscape Lighting Service

The number one focus is you! We will make you feel comfortable from the very first conversation. All of the little things are big to us, so we take the time to listen closely to hear what you want. We make note of every detail to do whatever it takes to find the perfect solution for your outdoor lighting needs.

Free nighttime lighting demonstration

Seeing is Believing

Landscape lighting is all about beauty and splendor. We believe so strongly in the visual appeal of our lighting designs that we are one of the only landscape lighting companies to offer a free nighttime demonstration. Yes, you read that right. We will bring the lights to your home shortly before dark, set up the proposed design, and flip the switch at sunset. You’ll be so delighted with the transformation; it will be hard to imagine living without the lighting. But better yet, you’ll get a sense of what we are planning and we can work together to make adjustments for a perfect final lighting design.

Professional Landscape Lighting Service

Meticulous Installation

From start to finish, we’ll treat your home and landscape like our own. When we install your new outdoor lighting system, we’ll make sure to disturb your landscape as little as possible, and we’ll make sure it is in pristine condition before we leave. To make sure the installation is top quality through and through, we’ll come back after dark to view and adjust your system at night for the best aesthetics.

Best Seattle Landscape Lighting Service At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, we have the most professional lighting design and installation team, so you’ll enjoy every minute of the experience. We also provide warranties on our fixtures, lamps, transformers, and timers. For the long-term health of your system, we have comprehensive maintenance plans. We will come by every year to make adjustments, trim back hedges, and clean and repair anything inadvertently affected by weather or human interference.

If you’re ready to experience the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives difference, call today! 425-336-3011 We service and retrofit existing outdoor lighting systems, even if they were installed by someone else.

Bellevue Landscape Lighting – A Perfect Backyard Escape

If you can dream it, we can illuminate it! Bellevue landscape lighting is a perfect way to extend the joy of outdoor living and relaxing into the nighttime. A glass of wine (or a beer), feet up, a cool breeze, great company and you have a recipe for a great life. Don’t go indoors because the sun sets. Enjoying your backyard spaces at night allows observation of stars and the gorgeous night sky, a stunning transformation of your landscape to a magical, mystical retreat, and the extension of your outdoor entertaining time.

Bellevue Path Lighting for Magical Outdoor Living

Nighttime Transformations

Your roadies are the pride of your landscape. With bright red, white, or pink flowers, you wait on pins and needles each year for them to bloom. But have you have you ever seen a rhododendron glow under the gorgeous effects of Bellevue landscape lighting? Every petal and leaf shows lovely true colors that can be washed out in the glare of the direct sun, or faded under the mist of an overcast day. With light and shadows dancing with each other, a slight breeze can transform your garden into a nighttime show.

Magical Nighttime Retreat

The views from much of Bellevue during the day can feature city skylines and mountain peaks; hard to beat that, right? Not with the addition of Bellevue landscape lighting. Making your backyard into an everyday getaway, landscape lighting transforms your trees and blooms into a mystical retreat where shadows add depth and lighting adds focus to your most treasured features. All of that, and you’ll no doubt find yourself looking up to take in the blanket of stars that complete the picture of an evening outdoors. Whether alone for some decompression or with friends for a celebration, you’ll never get tired of enjoying your backyard at night.

Bellevue Landscape Lighting on Hardscapes

Nighttime Outdoor Entertaining

If you love to host friends and family for dinner, drinks or a special occasion, Bellevue landscape lighting is a must have. With deck lighting and patio lighting leading the way, your outdoor living spaces become a perfect place to laugh with friends. If you have an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, adding hardscape lighting for ambiance and visibility is a must. Path lighting leading to the door of your home or around to the front will help guests navigate their way. And no matter how big or small or lush your backyard is, landscape lighting throughout your space is a must for creating a perfect celebratory vibe.

Bellevue landscape lighting is a lovely way to put the finishing touches on your backyard retreat. Whether you enjoy solitude and a cup of coffee, friends and loud music, or something in between, landscape lighting can add beauty and function, leaving you wondering how you ever lived without it. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound today for a complimentary at home nighttime demonstration. 425-336-3011

Daylight Savings Time Ends: Seattle Landscape Lighting Timer Nightmares Begin

Did springing forward create havoc on your sleep schedule? Did you remember to change all the clocks in your house and car? Did you replace batteries in your smoke alarms? Did you reset your Seattle landscape lighting timer? Did your lights come on too early last night and not early enough this morning? We can help.

Landscape Lighting Timers

Older landscape lighting timers are not always user-friendly. You could find yourself staring at a dial that doesn’t seem to make any sense. You could have one that seems easy, but for some reason, the lights are not coming on when you want them to. Or maybe your outdoor lighting system is simply not being utilized because you gave up on your timer years ago. Don’t let your investment be underutilized because of a Seattle outdoor lighting timer issue. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound today. 425-336-3011 We are happy to walk you through it over the phone or come out and help you get your lighting timer adjusted.

Landscape Lighting Timer Upgrade

We would be remiss not to let you know about the availability of new landscape lighting timers like our Lighting Control Automation (LCA) system. More than a simple timer, our LCA will take your home closer to being a smart home. It can control indoor and outdoor outlets. You can utilize it for more than just lights. Best of all, we can set it and forget it! So your lights are always on when you need them and only when you need them.

Set it and Forget it

Our LCA system accounts for daylight savings time, meaning you don’t have to do a thing when the time changes twice a year. We’ll place keypads in convenient places for you to manually adjust lighting when necessary for special occasions. But you can control it from a computer too. So if you are traveling for work and want to adjust your settings, you can. And if you are having any issues whatsoever, we can even log in and do some adjusting for you as well!

Whether you just need a little help with your existing time or are ready to upgrade to a more convenient hands-off setup, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound today. 425-336-3011

Prep your Patio for Spring Outdoor Living in Seattle

A properly lit patio space can add hours of function to your Seattle area patio. We offer custom LED patio lighting packages that fit your unique needs. From creating a tranquil backyard retreat to an entertainers dream patio we have the design knowledge, quality LED lights and commitment to customer care to make your patio work brilliantly for you!

Patio Lighting for Entertaining

Always keeping with the times, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound is pleased to offer the best in backyard entertainment lighting for your patio. The biggest trend in Seattle patio lighting right now is permanent LED string lighting. These throwback lights can withstand year-round climates and look as gorgeous during summer cookouts as they do during the long December nights. With the flip of a switch, your patio can go from blah to party time all year long!

Patio Lighting for Backyard Retreats

Ambient lighting and accent lighting for your patio can transform your daytime retreat into a nighttime oasis for your enjoyment. For quiet nights with your partner and a glass of wine or alone with a good book or some meditation, your patio can become your sanctuary with subtle LED patio lighting. Hardscape lighting is a great choice for illuminating areas near your outdoor kitchen, bar, fireplace or retaining walls. We also have some great techniques with path lighting and uplighting to create subtle points of light around the perimeter of your patio. Illuminating trees, plants and your home near the patio can result in beautiful subtlety that will draw you outdoors to unwind after a long day!

If you’re ready to create the life you want, at home with help from Seattle patio lighting, call today for a FREE nighttime demonstration. 425-336-3011

Trees. Trees. And More Trees. Other Focus for Seattle Landscape Lighting

Our favorite and your favorite Seattle landscape lighting focal feature is by far tree lighting. Trees big and small are a strong differentiator in our Pacific Northwest landscapes, from West Seattle to Vashon Island to Bellevue. But what else can we add focal lighting to in our landscapes to create added beauty, ambiance and function?

Unique Character of Your Home

Does your home feature an element on the exterior that exudes character and charm? Maybe a gate and arbor at the sidewalk? Gorgeous Craftsman brackets and braces? Exposed beams under the roof edge? Pillars holding a front porch roof above? A three-story pop-out that offers 180-degree views in your breakfast nook and upper floors? A hidden pathway leading around to a stunning ocean, lake or city skyline view? All of these charming features of your home deserve to be seen at night and are a perfect focal point for your new landscape lighting.

Intriguing Landscape Accessories

Have you discovered and purchased unique sculptural items while traveling? Or maybe you found that perfect fountain at the local home and garden store? Whatever landscape accessories grab your attention during the day, should be a focal point for nighttime enjoyment. Bridges, gazebos, pergolas, statues, fountains, stone retaining walls, and koi ponds are just a few that come to mind. Show it off, share it and love it day or night!

Decorative Lighting Sculptures

If your landscape doesn’t feature any special accessories or unique items outside of the plant family, maybe it is time to add one or two. We offer stunning decorative outdoor lighting that acts as both daytime sculpture and nighttime lighting. Line your paths with smaller simple decorative lights or choose a large elaborate bollard to anchor your landscape and steal focus from the softscapes that surround.

If you’re ready to illuminate all of the uniqueness and charms that makes your home and property yours, call today for a free nighttime lighting demonstration. (425) 336-3011

Make 2017 the Best Year for Seattle Hospitality

Everyone in Seattle, Eastside, and the surrounding areas celebrates our short and gorgeous summer with holidays and vacations. Some lucky Seattleites own businesses that rely heavily on the tourists that flood our great city during this time. With a short busy season and a highly competitive market, it is vital that hospitality business owners maximize their property’s potential so they can enjoy full occupancy for the entire season.

Whether you own a big hotel, bed and breakfast, or an Airbnb you can benefit from creating curb appeal and outdoor spaces that excite and wow potential guests. By adding or upgrading commercial landscape lighting, your guests will enjoy evening ambiance and magic that will be etched in their minds for all time.

Adding Commercial Led Landscape Lighting

LED outdoor lighting is an important feature for hotels and bed and breakfasts to have in place. While the guests savor the glorious beauty of your property at night, you appreciate the peace of mind knowing that your guests are safe and secure. With path lighting for walkways and stairs and accent lighting for landscape items, patios, and outdoor entertaining space, your Seattle property will shine. Our lighting experts will create a custom design that will help you attain your goals for growing your business.

Upgrading Commercial and Hospitality Outdoor Lighting

If your commercial property is older than ten years, you may be in desperate need of an outdoor lighting upgrade. LED outdoor lighting has hit a stride that allows implementation for commercial and residential applications for gorgeous lighting effects. LED outdoor lighting uses 80% less energy than Halogen and the bulbs last much longer. (30K-50K hours vs. 2,000-5,000) For a large hotel or commercial property, the savings in energy alone is enough to make your investors giddy, but lowering costs doesn’t end there, with fewer lamp replacements your staff can spend their time on more important tasks.

With so many moving parts to creating an exceptional guest experience for Seattle tourists, don’t let the lighting go untouched. Nothing wows your guests more than your property and service. Make 2017 the best year yet by lowering costs and increasing occupancy with the addition or upgrade of your outdoor lighting system. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound is your best choice for commercial outdoor lighting; we offer free nighttime demonstrations and custom designs to meet your specific commercial needs. Call today! (425) 336-3011

How many LED landscape lights does my Seattle property need?

Seattle LED landscape lighting is NOT a one size fits all product. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, the difference is in the design. We can’t say 10 lights, 20 lights or 6 lights for that matter. Every single property is different. Every single home or business owner has a different goal in mind. Our goal in creating the perfect landscape lighting is YOU!

We don’t aim to recreate daylight hours. We enjoy the subtleties of shadow and light play to create areas of illumination for increased visibility along with ambiance for improving joy in outdoor living. Depending on our discussions with you and the visiting of your property, we may go with less is more or with more is more.

Custom LED Landscape Lighting Design

For instance, a long curvy driveway hidden within the majesty of towering firs and hemlocks may well require more lighting than we might advise for a garden bed and walkway between your garage and back door.

A small city lot could benefit greatly with just a few LED path lights and some permanent café lighting over the patio to create a functional outdoor entertaining space. While a large estate on Vashon Island or Mercer Island could be in need of an expansive LED outdoor lighting system. A system that size could include deck lighting, dock lighting, pathway lights, security lights, and architectural lighting to illuminate the property amongst the darkness of the wilderness that surrounds it.

We recently enjoyed working for a client who only needed some sparse ambient landscape lighting near their home, but required quite a few lights along the wooded path they walk their dog on each night. With night falling before they arrive home from work each day, it is essential for safety and security that the area is properly illuminated.

Whatever your property and lifestyle require, the expert lighting designers at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound will steer you toward what is right for you. We don’t have a minimum package nor will we ever try and sell you more than what you need to accomplish your outdoor living and outdoor lighting goals. Call today to schedule your complimentary nighttime lighting demonstration to see for yourself what LED landscape lighting can do for your property. (425) 336-3011

Seattle LED Landscape Lighting Provides Safety & Comfort on Short Gray Days and Long Dark Nights

Arriving home after dark is part of life in Seattle each winter. Adding to the challenge, you quite likely arrive at work under cover of darkness too. The darkness can make it feel much later at night, zapping motivation for activity and productivity on weeknights. And if you’re not suffering from those long hours, the winter overcast can decrease visibility and enthusiasm for getting out during the day too.

Adding Seattle landscape lighting to your home can create a brilliant environment that offers a warm welcome home, easy visibility and added safety that will keep you active and motivated as much as needed.

How do we do it?

It all depends on your property and activity needs…

If your dog is in desperate need of a walk when you arrive home, but the darkness is a deterrent, consider Seattle LED path lighting as a viable solution. With a few strategically placed lights we can help you navigate the paths and sidewalks to access nearby public space for dog walking.

Are you a runner, biker or walker? If nearby nature trails or city blocks are your preferred venue, you might prefer better visibility leaving your neighborhood. With dark alleys or wooded paths leading out, Seattle landscape lighting might be just the solution you’ve been looking for to add safety and peace of mind to your evening outdoor activities.

Ambient Lighting For Motivation

With gorgeous landscape lighting along the front entryway, driveway and sidewalk leading to your home you can enjoy the energizing effect of a warm welcome home, every day, all year long. With a little bit of added light, your body and mind will know it is not time to turn in for the night, but time to get stuff done. Whether it is evening activities with friends, tackling the latest home project or spending time on your favorite hobby, a little light is a great way to keep the energy flowing through the dark evening hours.

If you’re ready to be welcomed home from work with added visibility, safety, and warmth, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound today for your free at home nighttime outdoor lighting demonstration. (425) 336-3011

Seattle Landscape Lighting: A Beacon in Wet Winter Weather

Seattle winters are mild compared to much of the country, with above freezing temperatures and not a ton of variation. That predictability comes in the form of moisture with slick sidewalks, mud, and muck. Adding to the hazardous walkways, we have long nights and low-visibility giving us an increased risk of slips, trips, and falls. Landscape lighting is a gorgeous way to add safety in the form of added visibility to slippery pathways this winter and all year long.

Seattle Safety Lighting

While mud and slick patches are a hazard in any light, without the ability to identify them as you approach they can be that much more dangerous. With landscape lighting, we can improve safety and visibility around your home or business. By illuminating pathways and entryways, you can enjoy sure-footing in haze, fog, mist, dawn, dusk or darkness.

Landscape lighting can add safety to the darkness found around the back and sides of your home. It can illuminate paths that may not be paved, allowing you to see puddles and pot holes or obstructions like fallen branches or children’s toys.

Landscape lighting is a perfect way to illuminate the entrance of your home. With properly designed lighting there will be a clear path to the entrance which could be framed by uplighting and wall washes for additional visibility and safety.

Free Nighttime Landscape Lighting Demonstration

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound is proud to offer added safety to Seattle, Bellevue, Newcastle, Woodinville and all of the greater Seattle area. If you could use better visibility around your home or business, call today for a free nighttime demonstration. 425-336-3011

Elegant Home Stuns At Night with Newcastle LED Landscape Lighting

This stunning property in The Golf Club at Newcastle enjoys being part of a magnificent community that features a 36 hole championship golf course and panoramic views of Lake Washington, Mt. Rainier, the Olympic and the Cascade Mountains, and the Seattle skyline. The lush lots featuring large homes are glorious during the day, a perfect canvas for LED landscape lighting design to create nighttime magic.

Newcastle Landscape Lighting

Illuminating a home doesn’t always mean shining lights directly on the house itself. Subtle and gorgeous landscape lighting can be designed to highlight gorgeous landscaping, hardscaping, and all the charms of the property as a whole. The owners of this Newcastle home wanted their property “pop” from the street. Using their love of their trees, shrubbery, and landscaping elements was a must, so we used brass LED landscape lighting to illuminate the most beloved features.

We installed 7 uplights to highlight the gorgeous Japanese Maples and well-groomed shrubbery while simultaneously illuminating the lovely character of the home’s design and exterior surfaces. With a combination of shaker shingle and natural stone façade, this Newcastle home benefits from the subtle shadows and points of light offered by nearby LED landscape lighting.

Newcastle Driveway Lighting

The homeowners also wanted to outline their curved driveway to provide visibility and highlight the charming stamped concrete border. With 6 brass LED path lights strategically placed in the landscape border along the driveway, the family can enjoy better visibility for coming and going after dark, while also putting the focus on the greenery lining the drive. With strategic light placement, we were able to simultaneously show-off the driveway border and softscaping with warm pools of light washing across both.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound is proud to provide gorgeous Newcastle landscape lighting design, installation, and service; a perfect feature for long Pacific Northwest nights. To learn more about Newcastle LED landscape lighting or schedule a free nighttime demonstration, call today. 425.336.3011

Fall In Seattle: A Perfect Time for Pumpkins, More Coffee and Your Annual LED Landscape Lighting Tune-Up

As the days begin to shorten, and the temperatures become cool and crisp, we embark on a short season perfect for sweaters, pumpkins, hayrides and more, rich hot coffee. Whenever the nights begin to creep further into our afternoons, I can’t help but think about how important LED landscape lighting is this time of year. Providing visibility for safety and security, more functional outdoor living and creating curb appeal to be adored, this is the time of year for LED outdoor lighting to shine! But just like any big investment in our home, LED landscape lighting does require some maintenance to keep it working in tip-top shape. It is easy to forget with bulbs that never burn out; that is why we offer the Annual LED Tune-Up.

Why Does My Led Outdoor Lighting Need Maintenance?

Many things happen throughout a year that can affect your lights, even if the LED lamps in them continue to illuminate your home for years:

  • Well light covers can go missing, leaving them filled with falling leaves and debris.
  • Lush Seattle summers can create overgrown vegetation that interrupts the integrity of the beautiful landscape lighting design.
  • Weather can cause falling branches or unexpected erosion that can cause a light fixture to shift, tip, or turn.
  • Humans and animals living their life as they should can have mishaps that lead to interruptions in your LED landscape lighting system. From cut or chewed lines to lights being knocked over, everyday life happens, and we want to help you keep your lighting system on the up and up rather than let it go until you notice a large issue that could cost you.

Landscape Lighting Annual Led Tune-Up

Our Annual LED Tune-Up means we’ll come out and inspect every single light. We’ll make sure each light is clean, adjusted, and shining at its best. We’ll check for cut lines if a light is out and repair them. We’ll rebury lines that could have become exposed from erosion. We’ll inspect transformers and reset timers to ensure everything is running beautifully. We’ll even trim away branches or foliage that have covered lights and altered their effectiveness.

Seattle LED landscape lighting is a worthy investment for your home and lifestyle. Don’t neglect the routine maintenance that can keep it working beautifully for years and years. Call today to schedule your annual LED tune-up for a winter of warm welcome’s home from your gorgeous LED landscape lighting design. (425) 336-3011

Less is More in Seattle Landscape Lighting Design

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, your satisfaction is our goal. We strive to put customer satisfaction first. This means that we won’t push lights on you that you don’t want or need. Not only is our goal to make you happy, but landscape lighting design is essential to differentiating our lighting services from the landscaper who has lights too or the electrician who can install outdoor lights. In designing proper outdoor lighting systems, many times, less is more. Being willing to sell you fewer lights to keep our design reputation intact is an essential difference you get with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Outdoor lighting design, installation, and service is what we do and the only thing we do.

Outdoor Lighting Design

Our goal is to add function and beauty to your Seattle home at night. Our goal is NOT to make your home as bright during the night as it is during the day. Outdoor lighting design is all about subtlety and working with the darkness to create a different kind of beauty at night. While we always say that good design is about the lighting effect, not the light itself, that would be inaccurate. Good lighting design is also about the shadows. Creating texture with a wall wash requires shadows. Creating depth in a landscape, require shadows. Creating magic with an uplighting effect on a large Fir tree is accomplished with shadows. To achieve this subtle beauty, it is necessary to show great restraint in using just the right amount of lights for the space.

Small Outdoor Living Spaces

Living in a city like Seattle means making the most out of small spaces. Many homes are small; many yards are small. If you’re eager to illuminate your city yard with the perfect outdoor lighting and someone quoted you an $8,000 lighting package, call us. We offer lighting packages that are right-sized. With our custom lighting design, you’ll enjoy mystery, ambiance, shadows and intrigue that are vital to creating good outdoor lighting design. A tiny yard, patio or deck with $8,000 worth of outdoor lighting could lead to some seriously miserable neighbors too!

If you’re ready to create a perfect nighttime space in your yard, call today for a free nighttime outdoor lighting demonstration. 425-336-3011

Café Lighting: The Hottest Trend in Seattle Outdoor Living

Festive Lighting, Café Lighting, Bistro Lighting, String lighting; whatever you might call them, these gorgeous lights are making an impact in today’s outdoor living trends. Stemming from traditional festival lighting you might see at a carnival or street fair, they have been adopted for commercial and residential use in a variety of settings. They’ve become especially loved in Seattle for their versatility. Whether you’re enjoying the minimal life with a tiny city lot, a sprawling east side estate or a boat house, string lights are perfect for any Seattle area outdoor entertaining area.

Big Things Come in Small Packages

From tiny houses to tiny yards to boat houses, today’s small living movement is one to be admired. With its minimalist tradition and active lifestyle inspiration, small living is a growing trend in the Seattle area. No matter how small your home is or how small your yard is, bistro lights are a perfect touch to create that perfect vibe to your porch, patio, balcony, deck or courtyard. With their classic look and versatility, they can illuminate the smallest spaces with just the right amount of light.

Outdoor Living Never Felt So Good

Setting the right mood in your outdoor living space is essential to successful outdoor entertaining. With the addition of festival lighting over your deck, patio or pool you’ll make sure your guests feel the fun you hope to provide for them this evening. With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, we’ll custom create your outdoor string lighting design to make sure the desired effect is achieved. Without limitations of a 10 light strand or the need to take them down during inclement weather, we can create the picture perfect effect for you to enjoy for years to come. Nothing changes a nighttime entertaining space the way outdoor lighting can.

Draw in Guests and Keep them Coming Back for More

Café Lighting is one of the monikers we love for our LED string lights. It comes from the popular use of these lights among restaurant, bistro and café owners for their outdoor dining space and courtyards. Guests can feel transported to Europe with the effects created by a well-designed street side or waterfront outdoor eating area. Add bistro lighting for evening and nighttime use and you’re sure to turn every guest into a regular. Commercial outdoor string lighting is perfect for restaurants, night clubs, bars, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, delis, bakeries, diners, hotels and any other guest centered business with outdoor space.

Whether it is for your home, condo, apartment, houseboat or business, outdoor string lighting is a great idea for every outdoor space. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound today 425-336-3011 for your free nighttime demonstration. We’re looking forward to working with you.

Selling Your Home Fast & For Top Dollar Could Be as Easy as Seattle Landscape Lighting

If you’re considering selling your Seattle home or already in the process, you quite likely are researching all the ways in which you can encourage a fast sale for top dollar. As any real estate agent will tell you, the first impression a potential buyer feels when they arrive at your home is vital to obtaining an offer. Your home’s curb appeal could make or break a sale in the first seconds of a showing. No matter how amazing the interior is, if the exterior left a sour taste in the buyer’s mouth, you may be looking at a long sales process.

Landscape Lighting is One of the Top 5 Outdoor Features For Adding Value to Your Home

If you’re considering all of the cost-efficient ways you can spruce up your home’s curb appeal, you may want to consider LED landscape lighting. In fact, according to Architectural Digest, landscape lighting is one of the top 5 outdoor features that will add value to your home.

Whether you’re planning to sell now or you’re making smart home improvement investments, LED landscape lighting is a no-brainer. The stunning curb appeal is only the tip of the iceberg. With the added benefit of showing off your gorgeous landscape at night, you can make sure your landscaping investment is always in full view. You’ll also gain added safety and security, both of which add value to your home.

Eco-Friendly Amenities Add Value Too

Among Architectural Digest’s top 5 outdoor features that will add value to your home is eco-friendly features. With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, you’ll enjoy the best quality LED landscape lighting. These lights are not only using less energy but are of such high-quality copper construction; they will last infinitely longer than the big box plastic variety.

With a custom designed LED landscape lighting system by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, your Seattle home will not only gain added financial value, but you’ll enjoy your outdoor space that much more. Adding Seattle landscape lighting to your home is an investment that you can feel good about all the way around.

Call today for your free nighttime outdoor lighting demonstration. Or complete the form below. We look forward to working with you.

Add Security to Your Seattle Home or Business with Beautiful Outdoor Lighting

Is your home or business in need of better security? Does the thought of extensive security systems and punching in codes every time you come and go, make your stomach churn? Or do you need a deterrent against potential break-ins to keep your alarm system from being too little too late? With gorgeous Seattle outdoor lighting, you can add security to your home or business that will deter intruders instead of alerting you after the attempt has already been made.

Security Lighting At Home

Home is where the heart is. If you’ve ever experienced the violation of a break-in, you understand how much that can destroy the safety and warmth you feel at home. With the addition of stunning Seattle outdoor lighting, we can make your home more secure against would-be intruders. A well-lit home will cause a potential burglar to keep going. Intruders don’t want to risk a run-in or getting caught, they want to get in, take stuff and get out.

We’ll illuminate your home’s entire exterior, especially near doors and windows, side entrances and dark back corners. If you have a waterfront home on Lake Washington or Puget Sound, we can make sure your home always looks occupied from the water. Creating the same effect a well-lit front yard can have from the road; visibility for neighbors to see if someone is climbing through a window, which will deter most potential violations.

Commercial Security Lighting

Owning a business can be a challenging adventure. With so much at stake you may feel overwhelmed with the liabilities of theft or loss. With help from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, you can have peace of mind that your Seattle business is more secure with proper outdoor lighting. Not only will we make your building more secure against theft and loss but also against liabilities that can come with a dark entryway or back alley that leaves you vulnerable to personal injury from criminals or trip and falls. We’ll make sure your entryways, windows, and other access points are well-lit to deter after hour break-ins. In addition, illuminating parking lots and walkways will make you and your guests feel secure when coming and going.

In addition to our vast outdoor lighting techniques, we also offer automated lighting systems that can keep your home or business looking occupied when you are away.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, we will create a custom outdoor lighting system for your home or businesses unique needs. Even with security as the goal, you’ll gain a beautiful night time aesthetic that is sure to impress your friends or customers. Call today for a free nighttime outdoor lighting demonstration. (425) 336-3011

How Does Your Rhododendron Glow?

Every year we patiently await rhodie season. When the rhododendrons bloom, we know summer is on the horizon. Does your Kirkland property feature spectacular rhododendrons that steal the show? From small shrubs to larger than a house, when the rhododendrons bloom it is a sight to behold. While they bloom longer each season than many flowering shrubs, rhodie season can never be long enough. Enjoy your rhodie blooms at night with help from Kirkland landscape lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound.

Tree Lighting for Your Large Rhododendron

Is your rhododendron decades old and as big as a house? Tree-sized rhododendrons in Kirkland are a spectacular display of nature at its finest. Illuminating large rhododendrons we use similar lighting techniques as for tree lighting. Depending on the height and width of your rhodie, we’ll use an uplight (or two) to shine light high into the branches and wide across the blooms.

Landscape Lighting for Your Medium to Small Roadies

Illuminating small to medium rhododendrons with LED landscape lighting creates a lovely subtle elegance. With a gentle wash from the ground, the stunning fuchsia, lavender and white blooms look more vibrant than in the harsh light of the day. Depending on the location of your rhododendron we may still choose to add a focal light, but if it is among your landscape beds or along the front of your home’s exterior we love the subtle results of our inconspicuous brass and copper landscape lights.

Don’t let your rhodie go unnoticed at night. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound for a free nighttime demonstration for all of your gorgeous Kirkland landscape lighting needs. (425) 336-3011

Illuminate Your Home’s Charm with Bellevue Exterior Lighting

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, we love to light up the gorgeous homes of Bellevue. There is nothing like the variety and architecture found in the Pacific Northwest and the residential neighborhoods in Bellevue are a shining example of this distinction. From craftsman to modern to transitional, there are no two home exterior lighting design projects the same. While every home exterior deserves to be illuminated, below is a list of our favorite materials to highlight.

Shaker Siding

Shaker siding offers a fabulous canvas for illumination. With strategically placed focal lighting washing up the side of your shaker siding home, every shingle enjoys added depth and texture.

Natural Stone

When it comes to natural stone or stacked stone veneer on your Bellevue home’s exterior, the focus of our outdoor lighting design will be to highlight the natural shape and texture of each stone. Whether your stone is matte or glossy, we’ll create a brilliant lighting design that allows that stone to be as stunning at night as it is during the day.

Classic Brick

Brick homes are a classic for a reason. When we wash gorgeous uplighting in intervals between windows and doors, homeowners enjoy an understated elegance that can’t be matched. As the light catches each brick’s texture and color, it creates shadows in the mortar that bring the home to life.


During the bright light of the day stucco can appear to be a completely flat surface, but as you look closer, it offers a subtle texture that is just stunning. When we apply LED outdoor lighting across the surface from just the right angle, that nuanced texture comes to life for beautiful nighttime intrigue.

Modern Materials

New modern style Bellevue homes are popping up every day. With their minimalist straight lines and unique materials, modern homes look like functional pieces of art. Whether it is cement fiber panels, wood strip siding or corrugated steel nothing enhances modern home design like LED outdoor lighting.

No matter what architectural design or material you home features, adding Bellevue exterior home lighting will add curb appeal and charm. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, we look forward to creating a custom design architectural lighting system that is perfect for your unique home. Call today for a free nighttime demonstration. (425) 336-3011

Focal Lighting for Your Favorite Seattle Outdoor Space

You’ve dreamt your entire life. That perfect outdoor structure that will make your home and yard exactly what you’ve always wanted. Whether you searched and searched for that house with the perfect treehouse tree or you’ve scrimped and saved to build a large pergola or gazebo, your specialty outdoor living structure should be functioning all day and all night for your enjoyment. Not only that, your dream deserves to be seen after the glorious sunsets each day. Now that you are enjoying relaxation and entertaining in your dream outdoor space, add function and focus with Seattle outdoor lighting to illuminate it.

There are many lighting design techniques and an endless possibility of outdoor features to illuminate in outdoor lighting design. But nothing beats creating a functional focal feature out of a specialty outdoor structure when a homeowner adores it so. Adding Seattle outdoor lighting to your tree house, pergola, gazebo, pagoda or backyard bridge is our privilege and pleasure.

Seattle Treehouse Lighting

If you’re lucky enough to have a treehouse on your property, it quite likely provides great enjoyment for children and adults alike. To keep the fun alive, we love to use café lighting to illuminate railings and stairs/ladders alike. Many of our deck lighting techniques are also very useful, depending on the intricacy of your treehouse design. From post lights and tread lights to moonlighting hung above the treehouse, when it comes to Seattle treehouse lighting we let the treehouse inspire our most creative outdoor lighting designs.

Seattle Gazebo, Pergola and Pagoda Lighting

There are many techniques for Seattle pergola, pagoda and gazebo lighting, depending on the homeowner’s needs. While we may use festive café lights for pagoda lighting at a home built for entertaining, a quiet backyard gazebo might get a few subtle spotlights to create a shining focal feature. Alternatively, we may use very purposeful down lighting to add task lighting inside a pergola with an outdoor kitchen underneath. Whatever your favorite outdoor structure is, we’ll add the right outdoor lighting to meet your specific aesthetic and functional needs.

Seattle Bridge Lighting

Whether it is an intricate part of your backyard waterscape or koi pond or a functional feature over a backyard stream, creating a focal feature out of your backyard bridge with outdoor lighting creates a magnificent sight. From classic deck lighting to festive café lights on the railings, we can create a backyard bridge you and your guests will relish after dark.

If you have a very special feature in your Seattle yard that is perfect for creating a nighttime focal feature, call today. (425) 336-3011

Has your Seattle Outdoor Lighting Stopped Working? Try These Outdoor Lighting Troubleshooting Tips

Flooding rain, electrical storms, and power surges can all cause an outdoor lighting system to stop working. While it might feel like a catastrophe, and we sure don’t mind you calling us, we have a few quick things for you to check out before you call us. Waiting on a service call can leave you in the dark for a few days if it is during our busy months, an unnecessary burden if one of these common causes turns out to be the cause.

Did You Try Restarting It?
In the land of Microsoft, I can’t help but throw a little I.T. humor your way! While it is not quite apples to apples, there are a few common reasons for your lights being out that you can test yourself.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

Did you try resetting it? A tripped Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is the most common cause for an outdoor lighting system to be non-functioning. A GFCI is set to trip easily to keep you safe. If it trips, electricity is not running to it and you’re not getting electrocuted. Check the outlet where your transformer is plugged in. If your transformer is plugged in (don’t laugh, sometimes things get unplugged) and the lights are not working, try pushing the red reset button. If it resets and the lights come back on, you are good to go.


If you don’t have a red button, your GFCI could be on a different outlet. GFCIs can usually be found in kitchen, bathroom, laundry rooms or the garage. When in doubt, find all of the outlets in your house that have GFCIs and make sure they are all reset. If the outlet still doesn’t have power, you may need to check your main circuit board for a tripped circuit breaker. If you have a GFCI or a breaker that won’t reset, you may need to call an electrician to replace the GFCI or breaker.


Once it appears you have regained power to the outlet where your transformer is plugged in, make sure your timer is properly set and also plugged in. If all of this is done and your lights still won’t turn on, try taking the battery backup out of your timer to reset all programming. (Now this is more like restarting your computer). Competing programs can cause issues and a battery pull is a quick way to see if that is the issue. Once you put the battery back in lights should run normally.

If your Seattle outdoor lights are still off, call us. We’ll be happy to come out and inspect the entire outdoor lighting system from A-Z. We’ll find the culprit get your lights back on for you in no time. (425) 336-3011

Down lighting vs. Uplighting in Seattle

When it comes to creating gorgeous custom Bellevue LED outdoor lighting designs, there are a plethora of fixtures and techniques at our disposal. A large portion of our lighting techniques fit under two categories, uplighting and downlighting. Their names do a great job of explaining what they are, but the resulting lighting effects are anything but obvious.

Bellevue Outdoor Down Lighting

Down lighting is essentially lighting a space with a light that shines down from above.

Our favorite down lighting technique is called moonlighting. Achieved by hanging a light high above outdoor living spaces or landscapes in a nearby tree. The light washes the area with light from above. With light dancing through the branches of the tree, we create lovely “Moon” shadows that mimic the effect of a hunter’s moon across your outdoor space.

Down lighting is especially practical in outdoor kitchens, above outdoor dining areas and under covered porches. By hanging a light in the rafters or roof of the structure, we provide essential task lighting that makes your functional outdoor spaces even more so.

Bellevue Outdoor Uplighting

Uplighting is the opposite of down lighting. Regularly achieved with focal lighting, a light is placed in the ground or mounted and aimed upwards onto the item we are illuminating.

Focal lighting is best achieved with uplighting. Uplighting is flexible in the breadth and brightness for custom lighting that fits any objective. For instance, a Japanese Maple may require a wide wash up into the widest width of its canopy to achieve the desired effect. But when illuminating the texture and color of your home’s stone veneer siding, we may narrow the beam to focus up to the peak of your highest gable so the light skips across the stone surface, highlighting color and depth while still calling attention to the height of your roofline.

When uplighting is used thoughtfully around a landscape and home for creating points of focus, the results can be stunning. Your home will become the envy of the neighborhood, precisely illuminated to make it inviting, but not showy. Uplighting is one of our favorite techniques because if its flexibility and resulting understated elegance.

If you’re considering adding LED outdoor lighting to your Seattle or Bellevue home, call today. At Outdoor Lighting Perspective of Puget Sound, we offer a free nighttime demonstration, allowing you to see the amazing results of a custom outdoor lighting design before committing. (425) 336-3011

Seattle Commercial Outdoor Lighting: Perfect for Every Brick & Mortar Business

Choosing cost-effective investments to improve your Seattle business can be tricky. There is so much to consider: Is this going to help my business grow? Is this going to help me reach my quarterly and yearly goals? What it the return on this investment? Is this going to cost me a great deal to run and maintain? At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, we can assess your location’s current outdoor lighting situation and work with you on a budget and design that will meet your needs. From enhancing your guest experience in hospitality and dining to calling attention to your existence with sign & entry lighting to adding safety and security for nighttime business – LED commercial outdoor lighting might be the lynch pin your business needs this year.

Hospitality & Dining

Owning a business that depends on creating a special environment for guests and clients can be a tricky endeavor. Your target demographic can be quite finicky with changed trends and new competition. Adding well designed professional LED outdoor lighting to your hotel, night club or restaurant’s outdoor guest areas can be the thing that puts you a cut above the rest. Giving your guests a glorious environment to enjoy the great outdoors at your business is something your clients will tell their friends and family, giving you the word-of-mouth your business can capitalize on.

Entry Lighting

LED outdoor lighting is not just for guest-focused businesses. Every Seattle area business that relies on its physical location can benefit from professionally designed lighting. The perfect lighting design can call attention to your business for nighttime customers. LED outdoor lighting makes your signage visible and your entrance inviting. Make sure your customers know you exist and are open after dark with LED commercial outdoor lighting.

Security Lighting

The livelihood of a business is not solely focused on selling and revenue. There is a great deal of liability and risk to control for every type of business. Adding LED commercial outdoor lighting to entrances, windows, and landscaping lowers your liability in two key ways. First, would be criminals are significantly deterred by lighting, lowering your risk of theft and loss. Secondly, your customers will enjoy safe well-lit entrances and walkways, limiting your liability for injuries and lawsuits.

LED outdoor lighting is a great choice for every business. It uses 80% less energy than low-voltage outdoor lighting and LED bulbs last for years. Your cost to run an LED outdoor lighting system at your business will easily be negated by the benefits, and then some. If you’re looking to push your business to the next level, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound today! (425) 336-3011

Seattle's Summer Tourist Season is Almost Here: Is Your Home Ready?

Everyone knows when the prices of hotels and plane tickets jump, that it is tourist season in Seattle. There is nothing like a Pacific Northwest summer, it draws people from all over the world to hike our mountains, swim our oceans and absorb the breathtaking views from across the city, suburbs and countryside. If you have family from out of town, they quite likely avoid coming to visit outside of this glorious summer season – which means they are all coming during the busy summer months. Is your home ready?

Outdoor lighting is a great way to prepare for out of town guests. Taking full advantage of every inch of your outdoor space can be the difference between a peaceful week of getting to spend quality time together and the “too close quarters” that can quickly lead to agitated nerves. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, we’d like to help you show your guests a good time while keeping your sanity by adding LED outdoor lighting to your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Lighting for Outdoor Living Spaces

Your deck, patio or porch is a true extension of your indoor living space during the lovely spring and summer months. They can provide a glorious spot to enjoy the views of the Sound and the Mountains. With summer guests visiting, this is valuable space for spreading out, dining, relaxing and entertaining. Add LED outdoor lighting, and the space can be utilized well past sunset so you and your guests can get every last minute out of the visit and the gorgeous Seattle summer weather.

Starting with subtle lighting for safe navigation, we can add riser lights in your deck stairs and tuck half-moon deck lights under the railings for increased visibility. We can approach your patio with the same idea, by placing rock wall lights under retaining wall capstones and under outdoor kitchen counter tops. By adding path lights along your landscape beds and pathways, your guests will be invited to venture out into the entire yard in the evenings.

For a more festive entertaining space, we have a few lighting effects we love. Our moonlighting technique is great for washing majestic light over your entire outdoor living space. With the right tree nearby, we can create the “hunter’s moon” effect for everyday functionality. We also love to add festive string lights over your dining space, on your covered porch or around your outdoor kitchen for a year-round special event feeling. Nothing sets the party mood like the perfect lighting effect.

If you’re preparing your Seattle home for summer visitors, call today for a free nighttime demonstration. You won’t believe what LED outdoor lighting can do for your outdoor living space. 425-336-3011

WARNING: A Nighttime Outdoor Lighting Demonstration Will Blow Your Mind

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has become a trusted nationwide brand for our commitment to customer satisfaction, our quality outdoor lighting fixtures and our emphasis on outdoor lighting design. One of the ways in which we deliver the exceptional experience you’ll get as an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound client is through our nighttime outdoor lighting demonstration. This exclusive complimentary design consultation is crucial to discovering how your home and property can be transformed with outdoor lighting before you commit to the investment.

How does it work?

After an initial property walk-through and discussion about you & your family’s outdoor living needs, our team will get to work designing an outdoor lighting system to meet the goals as discussed. When demonstration day arrives, we’ll come to your home before sunset and set up temporary outdoor lighting as designed. We try to time it just right so that the lights are ready to be turned on and viewed right after the sun sets.

What are the results?

There is an exciting moment at every outdoor lighting demonstration where we hand you the on/off switch. We stand together in your yard with a perfect view of the lighting design and let you flip the switch. Watching your reaction as your home & property is transformed is the most enjoyable part of what we do. Typically the reaction is something like “Oh My”, followed by a switching of the lights back off and then back on a few times to really get a feel for the Before & After. This moment is magical and unforgettable, making it hard for you to imagine your house without the lights.

What are the benefits of a nighttime demonstration?

While we find that seeing is believing is the best benefit of a nighttime demonstration, there are many practical benefits as well. With you seeing the custom design before the lights are installed, an opportunity is presented to customize your lighting design even further. You might notice you want lighting in an area you never considered or that you want to try a light over here, or over there. We are happy to move lights around to give you a full preview. All-in-all this results in a more satisfied client and a smoother installation process. The cherry on top: it is just plain fun. We have fun, you have fun and the experience is just an enjoyable one.

If you’re interested in seeing your home transformed by Seattle outdoor lighting, call today for your free nighttime demonstration. (425) 336-3011

How Can Outdoor Lighting Extend your Environmental Conservation Efforts?

Living in the greater Seattle area, we are lucky to be part of a community that promotes citizens to partake in conservation activities. We were one of the first cities to ban plastic bags and mandate a charge for paper bags, in an effort to encourage the use of reusable bags. Our waste conservation efforts are some of the most progressive in the country, with the use of large recycling and food waste carts and the increased collection costs of landfill garbage, based on the size of your garbage can.

With all of these efforts, are we doing enough?

There are many ways to make an impact on the size of your carbon footprint. Reusing, recycling and composting are some of the most common ways to help, but are you doing enough on the energy consumption side of your life? Using less energy = the utilities making less energy. The impact of your energy use can be significant depending on the type of energy you are using. From gas to electricity, it all takes a toll on the Earth, from harvesting to production to distribution. Following the path from your light switch to the power plant, to the coal that was harvested, to the energy used and the pollutants released to turn coal into electricity, can be a shocking reality. With limited resources and harmful waste during production, using less energy is a smart way to help the environment.

What can you do?

Turning off lights and other electronics when not in use is a great first start, but using more efficient products can have a greater impact. With Seattle’s long winter nights, switching to LED outdoor lights can result in a huge reduction in your energy use. Each light you switch to LED can offer you an energy use reduction of 85+% versus your previous lamp type. The savings adds up fast!

How can Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound Help you Save Energy?

If you have a previously installed outdoor lighting system, we can usually upgrade it to LED for a dramatic reduction in energy use. With the average 15 light system, you can be saving 255 Watts, which over the course of the year adds up to a much lower carbon footprint and electricity bill.

You don’t have an outdoor lighting system? I know it sounds counterintuitive to say adding lights will lower your energy use, but let me explain why that is.

Most homes have a light by the front door, a flood light over the driveway and an additional light at the back door. Most of these lights are standard incandescent or Halogen. Just one standard driveway light uses more energy than our entire 15 lamp system. So, switching to an LED outdoor lighting system and eliminating those standard lights is one big improvement. But there is more…

If you’re like me and want to keep your home illuminated for safety & security, you may turn these lights on every evening. You may leave them on all night long. And you may even leave them on all of the time.

Leaving that inefficient driveway light on 24/7 adds up to a large amount of wasted energy. With Outdoor Lighting of Puget Sound’s Lighting Control Automation System, you’ll achieve immeasurable energy savings as your lights are only going to be on when you need them to be. Our innovative Lighting Control Automation system takes into consideration the time you need your lights on, daylight savings time changes, sunset/sunrise adjustments, etc. So you really will never have to worry about adjusting a timer or turning your lights on or off.

If you’re interested in doing more to lower your effects on the environment while also beautifying your Seattle area home. Call today for a free nighttime lighting demonstration. (425) 336-3011

Welcoming Neighborhood Entry Lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound

Seattle neighborhood entry lighting is a great way to show off the investment your HOA put into the signage, monument walls, gatehouse and/or landscape, as well as making it easy for guests to find their way to your home after dark. With such a big investment in creating this gorgeous entrance, it would be a shame to let it go unnoticed after the sun sets. And a properly illuminated warm welcome is the perfect way to end a long day of work as you arrive home to your neighborhood each night. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives can create a custom LED outdoor lighting design to make your favorite neighborhood entry features shine.

Signs & Monument Walls

The most important feature to illuminate in a neighborhood entry is the sign that makes it abundantly clear you are in the right neighborhood. Without the proper illumination, guess could arrive confused and crossing their fingers that they are in the right place. With custom designed LED neighborhood entry lighting, everyone will know when they are in the right place. With adjoining monument walls built out of brick, stone or pavers, there is a perfect opportunity to add interest and intrigue by adding focal lighting to balance the space.

Trees, Shrubs & Flowers

Each season your hard working neighborhood landscapers refresh and revitalize your neighborhood entrance by trimming the shrubs, grooming the trees and planting fresh flowers. With the proper outdoor lighting, we can make sure all of the best landscape features shine even after dark. If trees are lining the main entrance we’ll use focal lighting to highlight their best qualities and carry through the tree lined look after dark. We’ll make sure the lovely blooms and shrubbery that add life to your entrance during the day carry on their duties well into the night.

If your neighborhood entry lighting could use some illumination or the system is old and has quit functioning, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound today for a free consultation. We can work with many existing systems to refresh and reboot. We’ll even provide you with a complimentary nighttime demonstration, making it very difficult for your board members to say no once they see the difference Seattle neighborhood entry lighting can make for your community.

Call today for a free nighttime demonstration to see how neighborhood entry lighting can transform your community for nighttime enjoyment. 425-336-3011

Issaquah Landscape Lighting

Issaquah landscape lighting adds beauty and elegance with many practical benefits. With so many beautiful features, it would be a shame to let your property go unseen after nightfall. With LED landscape lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, you can create a whole new stunning view of your yard to make nighttime enjoyment a real treat. With practical benefits like nighttime visibility for safety & security and increased curb appeal, adding nighttime beauty to you home and property is a really great investment.

Illuminate Your Gorgeous Property

Issaquah landscape lighting is essential to enjoying all your hard earned outdoor space after the sun sets. Illuminating your flowerbeds, shrubbery and gorgeous stone retaining walls create a lovely nighttime landscape for viewing and enjoying. With so many great features highlighted, you’ll also enjoy ambient light shining across your outdoor living space, providing practical light for enjoying the great outdoors after dark.

Issaquah Tree Lighting

Landscape lighting is perfect for illuminating the lovely trees on your property. By creating points of light around your entire property, we draw your visitors’ eyes around the whole space to accentuate the depth & grandeur. We’ll use focal lighting to highlight the spread of your trees’ canopies and the height of their trunks allowing for color, texture and majesty to be enjoyed after night falls. We’ll even illuminate the back of your property by selecting your favorite trees near the wood line, which results in a lovely illuminated perimeter.

Unique Features to Illuminate

Issaquah landscape lighting is a great way to highlight your properties unique features. A long winding driveway’s magnificence can be brightened for all to see. A beloved fountain can enjoy nighttime admiration. With fabulous fencing, meandering pathways and essential outbuildings, landscape lighting can be added to create beauty & function for all of your nighttime outdoor living.

Landscape lighting isn’t the only thing we do. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound offers LED outdoor lighting for your home’s architectural beauty, deck and patio lighting for outdoor living and entry lighting for safety and security upon arriving home after dark. Call today for a free consultation and complimentary nighttime demonstration. 425.336.3011

Sammamish Outdoor Lighting

Living in Sammamish is all about the great outdoors. With a picturesque mountain lake offering some stunning scenery, outdoor activities are abundant. Living up on the plateau in such spectacular surroundings, it is crucial to make the most of outdoor living with the best in Seattle outdoor lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound. Outdoor lighting for your Sammamish home can extend the function of your outdoor living space, illuminate your gorgeous home and highlight your unique landscape.

Sammamish Outdoor Lighting for Outdoor Living

Backyard outdoor living is the number one reason people look for Sammamish outdoor lighting solutions. If you’re lucky enough to enjoy a view of the lake from your backyard retreat, you know it is a spectacular event when the sun sets. But don’t be chased in by the nightfall. Your backyard offers a fabulous spot for entertaining on the weekends or relaxing after a long day at work. With the addition of deck lighting or patio lighting we can offer you a tranquil place to rejuvenate even after the longest work days or weeks.

Sammamish Outdoor Lighting for Illuminating your Classic Arts & Crafts Home

If you’ve ever traveled outside of the Pacific Northwest, you probably have noticed we are lucky to enjoy distinctive home designs that you just don’t see everywhere. With the combination of our hilly landscape, large evergreen trees and arts & crafts inspiration, our homes are as uniquely Sammamish as our landscape. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound can illuminate your home’s outstanding character for a gorgeous nighttime effect. Curb appeal is not just for daylight hours. With proper Sammamish outdoor lighting, nighttime visitors and passersby can enjoy the artfully crafted gabled roof, wide overhangs, rafter tails, exposed beams and wide stone faced columns of your Craftsman home. The depth and texture of every architectural feature will be transformed to be as lovely as in the sunlight, but with a new enigmatic touch.

Sammamish Outdoor Lighting for Highlighting Your Gorgeous Landscaping

Sammamish landscape lighting is a perfect way to gently illuminate the outer perimeters of your sprawling property, the ever-changing landscape beds close to the house and all of your favorite focal features, trees and shrubs. By creating points of light throughout your property we accomplish two goals, 1. We get to show off the size of your property and all the fantastic landscape features throughout it and 2. We invite your evening guests to mingle farther out so they don’t feel limited to your deck or patio space. The artfully designed and masterfully installed LED landscape lighting will be yours to enjoy, making home the best place to spend quality time outdoors.

Call today for a free nighttime demonstration to see how Sammamish outdoor lighting can transform your home for nighttime enjoyment. 425-336-3011

Upgrade Your Seattle Area Outdoor Lighting System to LED

LED outdoor lighting is a no-brainer and the most sought after outdoor lighting product. The difference in energy use between LED & halogen is remarkable. Saving you green while allowing you to keep your carbon footprint low. Just because you already have a halogen outdoor lighting system doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it. We can retrofit your outdoor lighting system to LED to meet new standards of low-voltage outdoor lighting.

If you’re looking for a low effort way to be greener in 2016, upgrading your Seattle outdoor lighting system to LED is the way to go. The first day your retro-fitted system is running, you’ll be saving energy and saving money. A 3 Watt LED can replace a 20 Watt halogen bulb for the same lighting effect. That is a 17 Watt savings per light! In the case of an average 15 light system, you’re saving 255 Watts. That is a savings of 85%! No matter what the wattage, it is quite typical with today’s LED outdoor lighting to get an 85% savings.

With all the energy & cost savings of LED outdoor lighting being evident, there are often some hesitations based on knowledge of old LED technology. The color of the light is always the first question. While you may think of LED as having a harsh bluish hue, the latest in LED technology has made LED a lovely warm natural white light. Our LED outdoor lighting fixtures are the best on the market offering a consistent color and gorgeous effect.

You may do the math with your electric bill in hand and think LED outdoor lighting is a good cost savings and certainly a good choice for the environment. But what you can’t see in the data is the long-term savings of time and money with our LED light bulbs lasting 10x longer than halogen. You’ll rarely have to change a bulb. Furthering the benefits on the environment (landfill space & light bulb manufacturing impacts), your wallet (more greenbacks) and your lifestyle (more time for fun).

Visit our LED outdoor lighting page or view our LED outdoor lighting video to learn more. Or call today to schedule a free consultation. (425) 336-3011

Refresh Your Charming Home’s Look with Seattle Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

Outdoor lighting systems by nature are exposed to elements that are out of everyone’s control. There are many opportunities for fixtures to be affected in a way that diminishes their effectiveness. While we offer the best fixtures that can handle plenty of weather and wear & tear, inevitably some adjustments or repairs may need to be made from time to time. At the very least, halogen light bulbs will occasionally burn out.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, we offer expert maintenance for your outdoor lighting system. Whether it’s an undetermined outage, a design adjustment or a light bulb replacement, we’ll always visit your home to diagnose the problem and offer you a solution. There is never a charge for our visit & subsequent assessment.


Animals, kids, weather, sometimes your lights get bumped. Over time, that can lead to a lighting effect that is not ideal. We’ll come to your home, assess the current lighting design and determine which lights need adjusting to make the design cohesive again. We’ll use our expertise to fine-tune all your lights, put them upright again, and refocus their aim.


Sometimes, over the course of many years or a particularly harsh weather event, your lights may seem to be dimming or dysfunctioning. Our lighting experts will come to your home and inspect each light and line for possible repairs needed. Often times we can get a light operational by cleaning connectors, wires or the lights themselves.


All light bulbs burn out eventually. LED bulbs often take so long (like a decade or more) to burn out they become “out of sight, out of mind”. With the long winter nights, you may have recently noticed one or two of your lights are out. Call us to replace your burnt out halogen bulbs. Often times if you swap the bulb out yourself, you can inadvertently put the wrong type in the fixture. If this happens you’ll quite likely void the warranty on your fixture. Let us replace bulbs and perform a complete system check-up so that your outdoor lights continue to work perfectly and your warranties remain intact.

Call today for a risk-free inspection or maintenance for your Seattle outdoor lighting system. 425-336-3011

Create a Warm Welcome & A Guiding Light for Nighttime Guests with Seattle Driveway Lighting

Concrete, pavers, bricks, gravel, curved, steep, flat, long and short, Seattle driveways are as varied as the people of Seattle. Unlike the amazing people of Seattle, some of these driveways can cause a navigational nightmare. With a curve in just the right spot and a bit of foggy drizzle, you or your nighttime guests can slip, back off of or miss your driveway entirely causing damage to your vehicle and landscape. End the guessing game, create a warm invitation and make your guests feel safe with LED driveway lighting.

A Guiding Light

Tail lights and reverse lights don’t exactly provide a lot of light for navigation when backing out of a driveway. Add to that a bit of Seattle mist or fog and you’ve got a perfect recipe for adding ruts to your lawn and landscape. With LED driveway lighting we can eliminate the guesswork and provide a guiding light along your driveway. Like an airport runway, you & your guests will easily back out with safety and ease in any weather.

A Friendly Welcome in the Night

An additional benefit of driveway lighting is the warm welcome your guests will feel upon arriving after dark. Whether we create the runway effect with lights lining your driveway or we add moonlighting from a tree above to cast a gentle wash over your entire driveway, your guests will find your home with safety and ease. The loving and welcome feel you create for them is enough to make someone’s day. As Maya Angelou said, “…people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Keeping the Peace

With steep hills and lush foliage, staying on your driveway when arriving or leaving can be tricky. With a slight miscalculation, you may never hear the end of it from your exasperated spouse who is responsible for repairing the landscape. Keep the marital peace with driveway lighting. Not only will it provide nighttime guidance, it looks gorgeous too!

Call today for your free nighttime demonstration. 425-336-3011

Battling the Post Outdoor Holiday Décor Blues, Seattle Style

If you’re like me, when the holiday decorations are all packed up and the sun sets in the New Year, your home feels bare. Don’t let that feeling start your New Year on a sour note, Seattle outdoor lighting is perfect for adding life back to your home after the Christmas decorations are stored away. With architectural lighting and landscape lighting, we can keep your Seattle home looking cheerful at night all year long.

Architectural Lighting Seattle

Where C9 LED roofline lights once hung, lies a dark roofline that is hard to differentiate from the night sky. Christmas roofline lights don’t just illuminate your roof line but cast ambient light down to the ground creating a gorgeous illumination on your entire home. We can bring that feeling back with LED architectural lighting. We’ll place focal lights shining up to your highest peaks to replace the roofline effect. Seattle architectural lighting design will emphasize the color and texture of your lovely stone, brick or siding for a rich luxurious effect. Giving your home permanent curb appeal for nighttime enjoyment.

Landscape Lighting Seattle

Are you a believer in lighted deer or snowmen for your outdoor holiday décor? If so, your landscape must look barren now that your Christmas pals are in storage. Seattle landscape lighting is perfect for enjoying a similar effect year round. With strategically placed copper path lights amongst your flower beds, we’ll create gorgeous moments of illumination to bring your yard back to life. With help from our focal lights, we will cast a lovely wide wash up into your ornamental trees to make them the shining stars of your landscape. With LED outdoor lighting in your landscape year round, you will never get that empty post-holiday feeling again.

With lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound, you’ll be eager to store away the holiday lights next year to be reunited with the stunning site that is your illuminated home. Call today for a free nighttime demonstration 425-336-3011

Stacked Stone, Natural Stone & Pavers: Seattle Outdoor Lighting to Showcase Your Custom Stone Work

My rule in outdoor lighting design is to focus on the illuminated, not the light. This is an easy rule to follow when it comes to highlighting gorgeous custom stone work. Whether you have a single retaining wall, an outdoor kitchen or your hillside property features a great deal of stone support structures, we can turn these functional items into stunning focal pieces on your property. And don’t forget the stone veneer on your home’s siding or columns. Elements with this much character deserve to be seen at night.

Properly illuminating vertical stone structures at your home is a bit trickier than you might think. If you flood the stone with too much light you will lose texture and color. There is some mastery in designing outdoor lighting to maximize the depth, texture & character of the custom stone work. The angle of the light, the width of the beam and the brightness are all a factor. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound we pride ourselves in the ability to not only highlight your stone work, but to allow all its intricacy and craftsmanship to shine through as well at night as it does during the day.

From above or below, we’ll make sure your stacked stone, natural stone & brick pavers look fantastic at night. If we are illuminating a sitting wall, garden wall or outdoor fireplace, we can mount gorgeous lights underneath the capstone or counter top for a subtle illumination you won’t soon forget.

Alternatively, if your stone structures don’t feature a top, such as stone veneer siding or hillside retaining walls, we’ll illuminate them from the ground. With the right focal lighting placed at just the right angle, the light will wash up over the stone, creating shadow with every change in relief. The texture of your stone comes to life with the play of shadow & light.

Call today, 425-336-3011. We’d love to highlight your custom stone work, including:

  • Stone Veneer siding
  • Stone Pillars
  • Stone Garden Walls & Retaining Walls
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Vertical Brick & Paver Structures

Special Event Lighting Seattle

Did you know you can get temporary outdoor lighting installed from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound for your special event? The gorgeous lighting effects we create in permanent installations can be yours for that outdoor wedding, fundraiser, birthday party or celebration of any kind. We can create a party atmosphere in your garden, yard, deck or patio that will leave a lasting impression on all of your guests. We even have outdoor festive lights that are perfect for permanent installation so you can have that festive feeling whenever you want. Nothing makes everyday entertaining better than fun permanent lighting.

Temporary Outdoor Lighting for Special Occasions

When it comes to hosting a special event in Seattle, you don’t have to necessarily go with string lights or other festive lighting. Sometimes an event is so special it requires some simple outdoor lighting and landscape lighting effects to illuminate the night with a more classy style. Path lighting can be installed as a temporary guide out to a wedding tent. Deck lighting can be added to illuminate a potential dance floor for the night. Or maybe a few landscape lights for hosting a backyard party.

Festoon Lights

Our festoon lights, sometimes called string lights or Café lights are perfect for any outdoor area where you are hosting a party. They can add luxury to a fancy dinner party or wedding reception but they can also be perfect for that weekend backyard barbecue. They happen to be a perfect outdoor lighting effect for an outdoor café, store front or other commercial applications.

Orb Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives orb lighting is a great way to add a bit of modern luxury to your party or event. The lights are festive and fun while providing a unique atmosphere that can’t be matched. Perfect for hanging in trees, orb lighting can also be hung from tents, pergolas and other outdoor structures.

Starry Nights

A unique light for events, holidays or a touch of fun for the kids, our new Starry Nights cast hundreds of LED bursts onto whatever surface you deem worthy. We can aim the light at your favorite tree, perfect for the holidays, or cast the light onto the ceiling of a wedding tent for a dance under the stars on a cloudy wedding night. With multiple colors to choose from there is a Starry Nights fixture for every occasion.

Whatever your occasion or need for special event lighting, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives has the solution for you. Whether you need permanent festive lighting or a weekend under the lights, we can make your outdoor space festive and fun for a memorable event. Call today for a free consultation. 425-336-3011

Outdoor Lighting for a Safe Seattle Halloween

Halloween can be a great deal of fun for Seattle kids & adults alike. Getting to dress up and fill pillowcases with candy sparks the creativity and imagination in everyone. While the holiday is for the kids, we adults get great pleasure out of watching the children run around the neighborhood and have fun after dark. One thing we don’t find so pleasurable is the potential trampling of our hard earned landscape or potential scrapes and bumps from children tripping on stairs or landscaping items. Halloween in Seattle’s hilly landscape can be hazardous without proper outdoor lighting.

Path Lighting

Keep kids on your side walk with Seattle path lighting to guide their way. While you’ll never be able to stop every single excited trick-or-treater from running across your lawn, adding path lights to your sidewalk will be like a landing strip for the ghosts and goblins to follow in the dark. Our brass and copper path lights can with stand an occasional bump and will deter the kids from straying into the shadows of your front yard.

Stair Lighting

Avoid potential injury on your steep hillside stairs with stair lighting and path lights surrounding the steps leading up to your front door. Living in the hills of Seattle makes for gorgeous views of the city and of Mount Rainier and the Cascades. The price we sometimes pay for the scenery is the steep stairs that may lead to the front of our homes. If you are lucky enough to enjoy a hillside home, outdoor stair lights are a must have to keep children safe when coming to your door on Halloween. Avoid hazardous trips and tumbles by illuminating their every step with a gentle wash of light.

Landscape Focal Lighting

Create a warm invitation by highlighting the gate or arbor that is the main entry to your private front yard. With gates and fences and lovely arbors adorning some Seattle front yards, trick-or-treaters can be deterred from venturing through to the front door for some Halloween candy. With focal lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives we can illuminate your gorgeous arches and pagoda inspired arbors so that the witches and wizards feel a warm invitation to come knocking on your door.

If you love Halloween as much as we do, and want to see your neighborhood trick-or-treaters safely load up their pillow cases and pumpkin heads with candy, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives today 425-336-3011 for a free consultation and complimentary nighttime demonstration.

Increased Safety & Security with Seattle Outdoor Lighting

Security Lighting Seattle

Gaining security at your Seattle home doesn’t have to mean adding a big expensive security system. With the addition of outdoor lighting you can deter would be criminals with the simple use of light. Potential intruders love to hide in the dark and prey on homes that look unoccupied. If they come upon a home that is illuminated with exterior lighting, they are more than not going to move on to the next, darker home.

Landscape Lighting Woodinville

When we illuminate your landscape we create areas of light throughout your yard. The result is a lovely landscape that looks as good at night as it does during the day. One of the added benefits is that we actually deter would-be prowlers and intruders because we take away the cover of darkness that they would have previously been able to use to sneak up to your home unnoticed. With landscape lighting there is no place to hide.

Architectural Lighting Kirkland

When highlighting the exterior of your Kirkland home with architectural lighting we are hyper focused on enhancing the beauty of your home’s unique features. A well-lit exterior creates luxurious curb appeal and a welcoming effect. What it also does is make your home look always occupied. It is difficult for a criminal to decipher when a home is empty when the exterior is lit up so lovely. Inturders are much less likely to chance it given that every window and door has lights surrounding it – the neighbors would be sure to see them, even if you are not home.

Safety Lighting Seattle

With days getting shorter, it won’t be long before you are arriving home from work in the dark. Safely navigating your property after dark can be a treacherous affair without proper illumination. Not only will you be coming in after dark, but some outdoor chores such as taking out the trash will be completed under the cover of night. With the addition of path lighting, driveway lighting and deck lighting we can illuminate your steps so you can avoid taking a spill on a stray toy that was left out or a garden hose stretched across the walkway.

Driveway Lighting Bellevue

Arriving home in the dark and possible rain is a normal affair in the winter. With driveway lighting at your Bellevue home you’ll get that warm welcoming feeling when you come home from a long day at work. With path lights to line the driveway and uplights to illuminate the trees or posts at your driveway entrance, your home will be easy to see at night and safer for your arrival.

Path Lighting Redmond

When it comes to traveling your property safely at night, nothing does the job like path lighting. With meandering paths around the side, back and front of your property for accessing things like garbage bins, garages and sidewalks you have a great path to travel during the day without trampling your lawn or getting wet feet. At night, the story can be much different as various items can be left on your path, stairs can go unremembered and potential puddles can go unnoticed. No one wants to find that rake that was left out by tripping over it. With our top quality copper and brass path lights you can find your way around your property at night without missing a step.

Call today for a free consultation and complimentary nighttime demonstration. (425) 336-3011

Outdoor Lighting for Football Night in Seattle

Enjoying Seattle Seahawks football doesn’t mean you have to be down at the stadium tailgating or locked in your house for 3 hours during game time. With slim televisions and wireless connections you can create yourself the ultimate outdoor man cave for football Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays in Seattle. With more primetime games than ever before, creating the ultimate outdoor football party entertainment area is now going to require outdoor lighting.

You have your covered porch converted into the crucial outdoor man cave. You have a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen and a built in refrigerator. You took the time to make sure your television has a spot to hang that will be protected if there is a sudden onset of rain. With a large outdoor entertainment area that is ready to go for an awesome Seahawks game day celebration, your home is the place to be for football games in Seattle.

Game Night in Seattle

Nothing beats football in Seattle. The weather is cooling down, sweatshirt season is upon us. You’ve got your Seahawks scarf and hat, you’ve got the warm cider and hot coffee. You’re enjoying the game outside with all your friends in your outdoor covered porch. But, the sun is setting on your Monday night games. Don’t let the setting sun force you to move the party inside. With outdoor lighting on your deck or covered patio we can create a truly festive Seattle Seahawks celebration space that can withstand the setting sun and continue the outdoor tailgate feeling you crave.

Deck lighting can provide safety and function for your outdoor living space. We’ll tuck some lights under your railings and install deck lights into your stair risers for safe navigation in you outdoor space. With lights added on top of your deck posts, we’ll create a softly lit perimeter around your entire deck for gentle illumination of your entire Seahawks party space. We’ll also be sure to add that much needed task lighting to your outdoor kitchen or bar.

Festive Outdoor Lighting

With a covered deck or patio for your outdoor living space, we have fabulous outdoor festive lights we can install for a permanent party feeling. You can create a classic party atmosphere with string lighting or café lighting that will look classy even when it’s not game time. Or better yet, give it a modern special event feel with our unique orb lighting. Whatever your taste is, we have the best outdoor lighting to make your Seattle Seahawks season a winning one.

If you’re interested in putting the finishing touches on your outdoor man cave for hosting parties on game day, call us today at 425-336-3011

Outdoor Living with Woodinville Landscape Lighting

With the luscious landscaping we get to enjoy almost year round here in Seattle, it would be a shame to let it go unnoticed after dark each night. We love when we get a call to come out to a lovely home and create a landscape lighting design to highlight and show-off hard earned landscape design.

Woodinville Asian Inspired Garden

We were recently called out to create a nighttime demonstration for a lovely and luscious backyard in Woodinville. The homeowners wanted to create a magical nighttime getaway, in their Asian inspired landscape. With a koi pond, pagoda and gorgeous trees to work with, this backyard was an outdoor lighting designer’s dream canvas. With so much to see during the day, illuminating it for nighttime enjoyment was a pleasure.

Tree Lighting

The thick vegetation in this backyard created a rich green back drop for the standout pagoda and koi pond. By placing a focal light with a wide wash on the beautiful wide spread of the bamboo branches I was able to capture the unique foliage of the leaves. The same light was still able to capture the famous smooth texture of the bamboo trunk, making the bamboo a stand-out element in this green garden.

Pagoda Lighting

The pagoda allowed me to have my cake and eat it too, as I was able to use the pagodas bright red posts as my focus while allowing the shadow in between to really draw your eye towards the lovely gold painted wood work on the railings. Hard to see in pictures, but the shadow created by the wood work allowed for designer shadows to be cast along the interior of the pagoda for a transformative feeling. With the light shining straight up the posts, you instantly notice the trademark pagoda roofline. And with the reflection off the koi pond, it’s like getting two pagodas for the price of one, creating a magical reflection for a lovely effect.

Landscape Lighting in Seattle

The Seattle area is filled with a large variety of themed and modern backyard landscapes. From large fir trees to azalea bushes to Asian inspired landscapes featuring bonsai trees and koi ponds, we have it all. With gorgeous statues and well placed boulders or ornamental trees, we can create focal points of your favorite features for enjoying after the Seattle sun sets. With short days from fall to spring, enjoying your yard is best accomplished with help from outdoor lighting.

Call today for your free consultation and complimentary nighttime lighting demo to find out what custom landscape lighting can do for your unique landscape. 425-336-3011

LED Outdoor Lighting: Save Green by Being Green

Adding an outdoor lighting system to your Bellevue home is a big decision. Just like any home improvement project, there is a lot to consider. Does this add value to my home? Does this add value to my life? Does this meet the goals I have for lowering my household’s carbon footprint? How much is it going to cost me? These considerations are all valid and should absolutely be thought of carefully. With LED outdoor lighting we can meet all of those needs and at a monetary cost you can’t beat.

Add Value to My Home and Life

With LED outdoor lighting the value add to your home and life are tremendous. LED outdoor lighting can create a lovely outdoor living space that will enhance the beauty and relaxation in your everyday life. Nothing beats relaxing on the patio with a glass of wine after a long stressful day at work. With the days getting shorter, it soon will be dark before you get home, making outdoor lighting essential to using your outdoor living space. With increased value to your home as a whole, if you do decide to sell your home, there is one more feature you can list on your realtor ad.

LED Outdoor Lighting will Save You Money

Consider this if you don’t currently have an outdoor lighting system at your home: You quite likely have at the very least a front porch light, a driveway or garage light and a back porch light. Chances are you leave at least one of those lights on all of the time for added security or safe navigation to and from your home. Your intentions are to have it on only at night, but in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it usually is left on.

Let’s think of a single standard light bulb of 60 Watts being left on 24/7. For the same wattage you can get a 10 light LED outdoor lighting system with Lighting Control Automation (LCA) that will achieve proper outdoor lighting across your landscape, pathways and porch for exactly the same wattage as that single bulb. But wait, there’s more; with the LCA in place your lights will never run during the day. You’ll actually be saving money on your electric bill, consuming less energy and replacing bulbs less — LED bulbs have a life span that is 10x longer than halogen.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Our LED light fixtures are made to last out of durable copper and brass. And with LED bulbs that last approximately 30,000-50,000 hours you’ll be putting less bulbs in landfills and your lack of demand will mean less bulbs are created. 8,760 hours in a year means you won’t be replacing your LED bulbs for 3.5 years if you run them 24/7. But with LCA you’ll be running them at least half as much so you’re looking at 7-11 years before you need to replace your outdoor LED bulbs.

With all of the things we do in Seattle to lower our environmental impact, from composting to recycling, we need to make sure we are doing our part in the use of energy. When it comes to the extremely long nights during the Seattle winter months, we have a huge opportunity to make a large impact by lowering the electricity use of our everyday items such as lighting, appliances and technology. With LED outdoor lighting you can easily make a difference without sacrificing a thing. It’s a rare treat to be able to enhance your lifestyle with the addition of a greener alternative, but with an outdoor lighting system by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound you’ll be doing just that.

If you’re considering adding value to your home and life while lowering your energy consumption, call or email us today at 425-336-3011 or pugetsound@outdoorlights.com for a free night time demonstration.

Seattle Garden Lighting for a Splendid September in Seattle

Seattle is the best place to live, hands-down, any time of the year. With mild weather all year long we don’t have to worry about extremes in any capacity. I have to say though, that September can be one of my favorite months to be outdoors in the great state of Washington. Before the weather turns in October we can count on cool nights and warm days to enjoy outdoor activities very comfortably. One of my favorite activities is to relax and enjoy my garden. Whether I am sitting near it, enjoying a cup of coffee or an evening glass of wine or if I am actually out tending it, September is a great time of year for Seattle garden lovers.

Seattle’s September Blooms

While Rhododendrons are done blooming, their green leaves are still gorgeous along with many other Seattle species to enjoy. From Zinnias and sunflowers to lace flowers and calendula, there are so many blooms to behold in September. A time of golds and oranges to compliment the beginning of the leaves changing means a completely different look in your garden than you had over the summer. It would be a shame to let these gorgeous late summer and early fall bloomers go unnoticed under the cover of autumn’s longer nights.

Outdoor Lighting for Your Redmond Garden

You’ve spent the summer carefully cultivating your Redmond back yard garden. With the perfect placement and well planned room for growth, fall has arrived and all of your hard work has come to fruition with matured plants covered in blooms. With the perfect outdoor sitting area, you’ve created a zen garden for your whole family to enjoy. Don’t reserve it for coffee in the morning or yoga in the afternoon. Allow your gorgeous garden to get the attention it deserves after dark with garden lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound. With path lights and uplights we can highlight your gorgeous fall blooms while creating just the right amount of ambient light to make your seating area a joyful place to spend time after the sun sets.

Outdoor Lighting for Your Kirkland Flower Beds

When it comes to carefully planned flower beds in the front of your Kirkland home, less is more, but sometimes more is more. Whether you have carefully cultivated a few perennial and annual favorites or you’ve added plenty of miracle grow so your annuals are spilling out of the flower beds by September, you’re flower beds are sure to add curb appeal and life to the front of your home. Don’t let the beauty of your blooms be imprisoned under long dark nights. With the addition of garden lights to your flower beds we can allow the deep golds and bright whites to shine even better at night than they do during the day. Whereas the sun may wash out your reds and pinks, outdoor lights from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives create a subtle effect so your flower gets all the attention and the outdoor lighting fixture goes unnoticed.

Don’t let your Seattle home’s beautiful and hard earned garden be wasted after dark. Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound we can create a custom designed outdoor lighting system to make your garden shine. Call or email us today at 425-336-3011 or pugetsound@outdoorlights.com for a free night time demonstration.

Add Curb Appeal to Your Seattle Home with Architectural and Landscape Lighting

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and the same goes for your home. Your home’s curb appeal is the first thing your friends, family and neighbors see. Making your home’s exterior and landscaping pristine and neat is a sure fire way to create a lasting first impression. And with the days getting shorter, your opportunity to make your curb appeal shine at night is about to be exponentially greater.

Don’t let your beautiful home and hard work in landscaping go unnoticed at night. There are many outdoor lighting treatments that can be used to make your home have as good, or better curb appeal at night as it does during the day. Starting from your curb with tree lighting, and moving right up to the house with landscape lighting and exterior lighting – your home will shine with just right amount of illumination.

Tree Lighting in Seattle

The trees that populate the front of your yard add a great deal of character and privacy to your home. From small decorative trees, to large shade providing trees we have just the right outdoor lighting to enhance their beauty at night. With a large shade tree we may shine an uplight right up the trunk to pick up on the height of the branches and enormity of the tree. But we may choose to hang a light up in the tree to provide a warm wash of light onto an adjoining path. With interesting shadows created by the trees branch, your pathway will have a warm inviting feeling that still allows for safe navigation.

When it comes to smaller more ornamental trees such as the Japanese Maple, we take a slightly different approach. By shining an uplight with a wider wash up into the tree’s wide spread branches we get an entirely different effect. By highlighting the tree’s wide canopy we create a focal point amid your flower beds that carries over the gorgeous look you achieve during the day time.

Landscape Lighting in Seattle

Lining the front of your home with beautiful flower beds and shrubbery is a sure fire way to increase your home’s curb appeal. When a passerby walks by and sees your beautifully tended landscaping they can be sure that you take great care of your home and yard. By adding a custom designed landscape lighting system to your flower beds you can create gorgeous night time curb appeal while creating a welcoming effect for anyone arriving at your home after the sun sets. Nothing is more inviting than having beautiful outdoor lights to provide safe navigation from the street or driveway up to your home.

Exterior Lighting in Seattle

With the addition of exterior lights on the front facade of your Seattle home you can complete the night time curb appeal trifecta. With gentle spot lights shining up the front of your home, visitors can see the height of your roof peaks and the beautiful texture of your brick or siding. With just the right spacing we carry over the character your home has in the daytime into the night. With your Seattle home’s unique reliefs, windows, peaks and trim it would be a shame to hide it under the mask of darkness. We pride ourselves in our ability to use shadow as much as light to allow your home’s character to have as much depth during the night as it does during the day.

Don’t let your Seattle home’s beautiful and hard earned curb appeal hide in the dark anymore. Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound we can create a custom designed outdoor lighting system to make your home shine. Call or email us today at 425-336-3011 or pugetsound@outdoorlights.com for a free night time demonstration.

An Unexpectedly Warm Summer is a Perfect Reason for Seattle Outdoor Lighting

Everyone in the Seattle area is talking about it. The early spring, the especially warm and sunny weather and the fact that it has lasted this long. With summer being a particularly specific season in Seattle that classically starts after the 4th of July, everyone was surprised by the early warmth this year and how it has mostly stayed warm. In fact, July went down as the hottest month in Seattle history.

Whether the amazingly long and beautiful summer repeats itself next year or not, it is a perfect example of why outdoor lighting for your Seattle home is essential to capitalizing the amazing outdoor living. The Pacific Northwest boasts some of the best scenery in the world with mountain and ocean views from your lush yard. Extending your time outside into the evenings would only increase your enjoyment of this spectacular place we live.

Days are Getting Shorter

The weather is still warm, but the sun is setting earlier and earlier every day. By the time you run errands, drive home and cook dinner the sun might begin starting to get closer to sizzling into the ocean. With most of your free time being in the evenings, outdoor lighting will ensure you can get out in your yard and enjoy these gorgeous summer nights.

Outdoor Lighting for Outdoor Living

The best way to enjoy this unseasonably warm weather is to relax on your deck or patio with friends. A cool drink and great friends and family will help you soak up every minute of this record breaking Seattle summer. By adding deck or patio lighting you can stay outside until the love and laughter ends for the evening, without having to end the conversation because the sun set.

Not only does outdoor lighting allow you to stay outdoors longer, it also sets a luxurious atmosphere to make that time with family and friends that much more special. As we spend our days working hard and changing the world – those quiet moments with family are essential to being able to maintain our ambitions and continue doing good in the world. Light up your night and your life with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound.

Don’t spend another evening inside because you don’t have outdoor lighting at your Seattle area home. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound we strive to delight each of our customers with the highest quality outdoor lighting design, installation and ongoing service. Call or email us today at 425-336-3011 orpugetsound@outdoorlights.com for a free night time demonstration.

Complimentary Outdoor Lighting Night Demonstration in Seattle

Completing your outdoor living space with outdoor lights for your Redmond area home is an artistic endeavor that should not be taken lightly. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound it is important to us that we work together on lighting your home, deck, patio or landscape just right. With our design expertise and your input on how you will be using your space we can create the perfect outdoor lighting system for you.

Night Demonstration

Our lighting experts will come to your home during the day and walk the property with you to get ideas of how you use your outdoor living spaces. While we listen we will take notice of opportunities for different lighting techniques that will meet your needs. When we leave your home we’ll come back to the office and design your custom outdoor lighting system to the specifications and goals you mentioned.

Would you by a car without a test drive?

Our outdoor lighting technicians will then schedule a convenient time to come back to your home shortly before dusk. We’ll set up our temporary lighting to agreed upon design specifications before the sun goes down. That’s when the magic happens. As the sun sets we will invite you back outside to see the results. Seeing is believing when it comes to a night time outdoor lighting demonstration.

Seeing your gorgeous fir tree with an uplight shining to show off its great height will transform your life. The first time you view your Kirkland patio gently illuminated with path lights around it you won’t believe your eyes. And when you see an uplight providing a nice wide wash across your stone retaining wall you will never believe how utterly beautiful that wall is in the gentle light of the night.

On-the-spot Outdoor Lighting Design Adjustments

With you by our sides we will view each light placement and evaluate areas for change. You might decide a dark corner you didn’t think you wanted highlighted needs an additional fixture. We can move one of the lights on the spot and let you see if your hunch is right. We may place a light or two that was not originally planned – as designers seeing the lights in your landscape at dusk will open our creativity as we see new opportunities. We may also discover that a light or two that was planned are really not necessary. With the flexibility of our night time demonstration you get to interact with the lighting system first hand to make sure you love what you see and all of your needs are being met before installation.

If you love what you see, when we leave your home after a free night time demonstration we will have an exact plan in place and an appointment for installation on the schedule. If you aren’t sure or don’t like what you see we will adjust the lights until you do love it or we’ll leave quietly and let you consider your options further. We are committed to customer satisfaction and will never push you into making on the spot decisions.

Don’t spend another evening inside because you don’t have outdoor lighting. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound we strive to delight each of our customers with the highest quality outdoor lighting design, installation and ongoing service. Call or email us today at 425-336-3011 or pugetsound@outdoorlights.com for a free night time demonstration.

Illuminate Your Seattle Outdoor Living with Deck Lighting

In the Seattle area, outdoor living is a way of life. With a moderate climate we are lucky to be able to spend time outside all year long. Extend your time outside by adding deck lights to your outdoor living space. With deck lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget sound, you will gain safety, square footage to your living space and a warm inviting environment to meet every outdoor living need.

Safety with deck lighting

Enjoying time on your deck at night, whether it is a calm tranquil place for you to have solitude or with friends and family for an evening of drinks and laughter, is essential to getting the most out of your outdoor living space. With days getting shorter and work schedules being what they are, there will be times when you only get to see your deck under the dark of night. By adding deck lighting you not only can enjoy your space at any time, but you will have increased safety while doing so. By adding lights to the stair risers and underneath railings, getting on and off the deck will be a breeze in the dark. With our copper or brass half-moon sconce lights mounted on interchanging posts you can create a beautiful wash of light, highlighting the perimeter so that you and your guests will always know where the deck ends and the night begins.

Outdoor living day and night

With our deck lighting, your Seattle deck will not only be safer, but with the same lights you will achieve a usable outdoor space for any time of day or night. Imagine planning a dinner party for friends only to have a couple get held up at work for an extra hour. You’ve planned and coordinated, and the weather is perfect for an al fresco meal but the sun is beginning to set. Don’t let your plans for enjoying the great Seattle outdoors be spoiled by an unforeseen delay. Leave the table set, turn the lights on and enjoy a gorgeous meal under the Seattle stars with friends.

An outdoor retreat for every occasion

Everyone has different plans for their deck. Maybe you roll out a yoga mat in the morning for a tranquil start to your day or a bit of meditation before bed. Others may throw dinner parties and have cocktails with friends after work. Those with families may use their deck as a place for the kids to hang out and have a snack while playing outside, so that they don’t track mud and dirt into the house. Whatever you use your deck for, the addition of deck lighting is sure to create a warm inviting place for you, your family and your guests to spend quality time outdoors.

Don’t spend another evening inside because you don’t have outdoor deck lighting. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Puget Sound we strive to delight each of our customers with the highest quality outdoor lighting design, installation and ongoing service. Call or email us today at 425-336-3011 or pugetsound@outdoorlights.com for a free night time demonstration.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is here for all your outdoor lighting needs. During our Free Custom Design Plan, we will show you the optimum locations around your home and throughout your yard to achieve stunning outdoor lighting effects. If you already have a lighting system but need it serviced or upgraded, we are happy to help. Please fill out the form below to contact us.